Classic NotePad

Developer: FOR neXtSoft

Current Version: 2.6

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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If you attempt to install Classic NotePad and are told there is a newer version already installed it probably means you have the Pre-AppStore version (Named NotePad). Remove it. in the interest of caution, you should just be able to control click and compress it, then delete the application. You will also need to either delete it from backups or unmount the disk you backup/clone too.
Formerly known as NotePad, Classic NotePad harkens back to the days of OS 8.x
Classic NotePad is a no-nonsense text app. It provides users with the ability to add pages, remove pages, import the old NotePad file from Classic systems. (such as 8.0 or 9.0)
It provides a global search, page search jump to page, tabbed page bar, and a data lock. It's easy to use and allows importing of text files, paste to a new note etc...


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 2.6
Review by tominco

Almost what I'm looking for - I've been wanting a replacement for Notes by Richard Schreyer (c) 2001 for a while, especially as it is PPC only and Lion killed Rosetta. Anyway, this app is simple and still has a text based file that is readable (important, as I often SSH in from outside to access my notes). Anyway, if this App were to allow the naming of the notes with an index, I think it would be winner for my needs. Other than that, it's very simple and reminds me of the old notes app in the classic environment.

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More Reviews for Current Version

Version 2.6
Review by Cybyl

No font control - Easy to use as the old classic OS 8 - 9 notepad. Love the fact that I could import notes from the old app. The weak part is that there is no font control. Default font is tiny on a large screen iMac. When you paste in text with large or small fonts, they stay that way. Makes the page look like a ransom note. Access to the system fonts would make this app almost perfect.

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Version 2.6
Review by NewsView

Promising but not Functional - This app will not extract files created in the original OS 9/Classic notepad, which was my entire reason for downloading it (to retreive/duplicate those notes). Visiting the developer website for help presents a barebones site with a menu that simply doesn't work (no link present under the "support" option in the menu). I haven't been using Mac App Store for long, but so far my impression is very, very poor. Most of the apps don't deliver even the basic functions they advertise. Long ago, Apple was criticized for having fewer apps, which aside from cost was one of the main reasons people stuck to their PCs/Windows computers. The good news? The Mac App Store makes up for that derth of software titles. The bad news? Not all of them work. Nobody at Apple appears to be vetting that they do, either.

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