Chronicle - Bill Management

Developer: LittleFin LLC

Current Version: 7.0.0

Last Updated: 16 days ago

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If you pay bills, you need Chronicle. It gives you the peace of mind of never having to worry about whether you paid a bill again.

*** Syncs with iOS via iCloud ***

Even if you use another finance application for general finance, you need Chronicle. One late payment can wreak havoc on your credit score, leading to higher interest rates and denied loans-- in short, completely affecting your financial life.

Chronicle will remind you when your bills are due, even when it isn't running. And in just a few minutes a month, you can handle everything related to paying your bills.

• Never forget a bill -- get reminded when your bills are due with alerts that can be synced to your iPhone and across all your Macs, even when Chronicle isn't running.

• Easily pay your bills online using Chronicle's integrated browser, or your default browser.

• Keep proof of all your payments -- store confirmation numbers and receipts right in Chronicle, so you always have proof of your payments.

• Get reminders in your notification center and put bills on your calendar. Chronicle can remind you via notification center and can add your bills to your calendar so you can visually see when they are due.

MACWORLD gives Chronicle 4.5 out of 5 mice:
"Chronicle is one of the slickest finance apps available for the Mac. It’s easy to use and easy on the eyes, and it’s worthy of a spot on anyone’s dock."

Syncing is built in:
You can sync Chronicle data with multiple Macs using Dropbox or iCloud, details below:

See a quick start video at

What Others Are Saying:
"Chronicle is an excellent App that has enabled me, once and for all to control my Bills and no longer have any surprises."
--MacUpdate User Review

"Simple yet powerful, with all the features I need and a very good interface" --MacStories


Release Notes:

Version 7.0 is a major update with a number of new features. You can read more here:
If you have questions or problems with this update, don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

NEW: Improved repeat intervals. Chronicle now includes repeat intervals for specific days of the week (like 2nd Wednesday of the month, etc), plus a special custom repeat interval for paying estimated taxes in the U.S. The new repeat intervals can be accessed by selecting "Custom" on the repeat interval field.

NEW: Improved Tag Behavior: You can now search for tags using the search field. In addition, you can now use the search field to further narrow down bills due soon or due in the current month. For example, you can select click "Due This Month" on the sidebar, and then select a tag in the search field to show only bills matching that tag due in the current month.

NEW: Refined, improved design. More information and options for how information is displayed on the Overview. In addition, the design has been improved so that information is easier to sort and access. Search can now be accessed from anywhere, not just the overview.

NEW: More icons. Icons for cloud drive services, clubs & organizations, food, jewelry and savings have been added.

NEW: CSV Export. You can now export all of your payment history for any bill.

IMPROVED: iCloud sync reliability has been improved, and several sync-related crashes have been fixed.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 5.7.0
Review by Jelsert

Simple and Useful Concept, Excellent Execution - While this piece of software may initally strike users as unusally ‘one-task’ (i.e., bill management), the experience of using Chronicle will prove its value. I have long wanted an easy to use application to help me manage and track my monthly bills, but have often been overwhelmend (YNAB) or unimpressed (Koku) with the applications that have attempted to serve this role. Chronicle is a refreshingly simple, well executed application that provides a bill managment system worth every penny. The best thing about the application is its dedicated purpose. This is not a task manager that will become cluttered with other projects and to-dos, it is not a calendar application that will be filled with birthdays and appointments; it provides a seperate, automatically organized location to manage bills and collect payment records (which answers the question of what to do with those “Print this page for your records” documents). The $15 price tage is ½ of the cost of a late-payment fee, so if you’re on the fence about purchasing consider the possibility that if this application helps you avoid a single late-payment fee it has already paid for itself.

Found helpful by 28 out of 28 people
Version 5.5.0
Review by nicholas042893

I loved this little program until the visual change... - I loved using Chronicle! I really didn’t expect the update to make it harder to use… Changing the “buttons” in the main window to just text on a background makes it more difficult to use. Before, my eyes could just glance at the bottom to “Log Payment” and I knew to just click inside the button. NOW, I have to look for the black text on a white background and my eye-hand coordination obviously leads me to click directly ON the text, making it more cumbersome. Having a defined button with a border and shade different than the background is traditional, but functional. It was designed that way, way back in the day, for a reason. I’m only 21…so give me a break! My eye sight is fine…but I’m getting so fed up with this “modern” look of simpleness that sacrifices true natural functionality I’ve grown accustomed to over my life span! Disappointed with the visual change, however still a good program to use to manage bills.

Found helpful by 26 out of 37 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 7.0.0
Review by hnoueil

Chonicle helped organize my life, and improve my credit score! - I recall life before Chronicle: It was hectic, having all of these bookmarks for each of my credit cards, trying to keep everything updated in iCal, and forgetting when payments were due on weekends or holidays. My credit score suffered. With Chronicle, I have all of my bills, all in one place: credit cards, Netflix, Dropbox, iCloud, even my student loans and domain registration! I've since paid off my car, so I archived that one. I only use the desktop version since that’s typically where I pay all my bills, but I can vouch that the iOS version is just as intuitive during the brief time I tried it out. Did I mention the awesome Notification Center widget that you can integrate? The only issue I’ve experienced is setting up Chronicle on a new MacBook, and getting my bills to Sync with iCloud. However, this was resolved within 10 minutes after emailing the developer directly. The developer is extremely responsive and very clear with their instructions. Lastly, I’m a user, and although they integrate their own form of bill management in their web app, it’s not as customizable as Chronicle.

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people
Version 7.0.0
Review by Jastur

This version is really good. Builds on solid base from earlier versions - Just gets better with each version. This is my go to program for bill paying - business and personal. Simple and to the point - has saved many missed bills and avoided surprises like alerting me regarfding my different annual subscriptions.

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people
Version 7.0.0
Review by Basementjack

a helpful app - This is a helpful app. In the old days, we used to get bills in the mail, today with so many electronic payments, it can be easy to lose track of a payment due when no bill arrives in your postal mail box and reminder emails are easily missed. Chronicle helps in that regard! This app has seen regular updates and the developer has listened to user feedback. One feature I wish the developer would add, is to color code the menubar icon on the top right corner that displays when you run the app. Right now it's always the same color - black - it'd be great if we had the option to have it change to orange when an upcoming bill exists, or red if we have missed a bill (these colors are already in use for each bill /in/ the app - It'd be great to see those applied to the menubar icon as well.) This would make it a 5 star app for me, and it if was an option in preferneces, it wouldn't detract from anyone who prefers an all monochrome menubar.

Found helpful by 1 out of 2 people
Version 7.0.0
Review by bobalaska1

Very useful app - I’ve been using Chronicle (both Mac and iOS versions) since they first appeared to manage my bills, both those with regular and irregular schedules. The developer makes improvements on a regular basis, and is very responsive to support questions. Mac and iOS versions sync well. Bottom line: If you are looking for an app to help make sure your bills are paid on time (and to keep a history of bills paid), look no further!

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people
Version 7.0.0
Review by blhjggvkghvjhvl

Useless - I have been using this app for years now. I updated to version 7.0 and now the app is completely useless. When I open it up, it doesn’t display any thing at all. I just get a blank gray box.

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people