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ChordPro Buddy - The Chordpro Song Editor for the Mac

What is it good for?
ChordPro Buddy is a simple, but powerful song editor and viewer. It allows musicians of many kinds to create, edit and view their songs, lyrics and lead sheets. It allows to transpose, change chords, view and change chord shapes and create beautiful formatted printouts or PDF.

How does it work?
CPB uses plain text files with the very simple “chordpro” syntax to store the lyrics and chords. This syntax uses square brackets [ ], to mark chords and curly brackets { }, to mark commands and formatting tags. CPB has short keys for many of them, so you can edit really fast and concentrate on the song, not on the tool, you work with. While you edit lyrics or chords of a song, you can see the results immediately with the unique synchronized split view.

CPB has a layout pane, where you can use sliders and textfields to set the values of sizes, colors and spacings as well, as fonts for the different parts of a song. With the zoom slider you can zoom up and down the whole song in a second.

All usual chord notations
With the new version of CPB you can switch the chord notation between western, latin and german notation. As an example you can have chord C, D, E chords as DO REM MI in latin chord notation.

One click transposing
You can transpose the chords up and down with only one click of your mouse or even a shortcut on the keyboard. The transpose feature works of course also with all different chord notations.

Import from songs from other sources
Now CPB allows you to import Lyrics and chords from other sources. Simply copy and paste songs from word, pages or PDF’s, or get them from the many webpages on the internet. This works fine, as long as the chords of the source are well positioned above the lyrics.

Display chords as symbols or diagrams
With the new version of CPB now you can show chords as diagrams. This is a long awaited function not only for beginners. You can choose either to show chord charts for all chords above the lyrics, or display every used unique chord once at the top of the song. If you click on a chord chart, you can switch the used chord shape and you can mark your favorite chord shapes, to get them sorted, as you need it.
If a chord is missed you can create it in the chord database editor.

Create beautiful printouts and PDF
To get a nice printout you first format your song with the sliders in the layout pane. When all looks well, you click on print and then use the zoomslider in the detailed printpreview, to adjust the pages as you like. From here you also can create PDF versions of your song.

Practicing and Live usage
With CPB you are not limited to printouts and PDF’s. It is also a powerful tool for practicing and live performances. So you can set a playtime for each song and then let CPB scroll the song automatically through the screen. So you can choose a readable zoom level and let CPB do the scrolling for you. You can start/stop/rewind with simple or double hit on the space bar, use a programmable USB footswitch or you can use a MIDI device. There is a simple MIDI learn function in the preferences for that. There is also a fullscreen mode with his own colorset for better performance in dark on stage situations.

Work together, share and synchronize
Because CPB works like every normal file oriented OS-X application, you can open and edit files in a ( e.g. Dropbox ) synchronized folder. So you can share and synchronize your songs between your Mac and your mobile devices.


Release Notes:

- adds new AppleHelp help system
- german help will follow soon
- bugfixes


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.1.0
Review by Honu Mike

A real time saver! - I can't tell you how many hours I've spent in Pages typing up lyrics and chords. Then, if I have to change the key (and I often do for various singers), I have a manual method to do that. It works well, but is pretty time-consuming and I occasionally make mistakes. Well, no more! The interface of ChordPro Buddy takes a bit of time to get used to, but is well worth the time spent. I started with version 1.0.2 and just upgraded to 1.1.0 which adds key transposition and ability to adjust margins on the printout. Additionally, once you have completed input, the printout is scalable so you can fit to the page. No more guessing about font sizes. Fill the page to the edges - an excellent feature for those of us with aging eyes. I used the Layout save control to save my personal settings for printout appearance: font, size, color, placement. This program allows me to format my lead sheets EXACTLY the way I like them. (Hey, I'm getting old and set in my ways...) ChordPro Buddy does exactly one thing, and it does it well. Way simpler than your average music scoring software. It's not often that I find an app that does just what I want and is not cluttered up with a bunch of useless (to me) features. And the price? How far wrong can yo go for four bucks? (PC users eat your hearts out - this is Mac country!) Congrats, Gerald, on this latest release. Sedona Mike Guitar Player, Singer, Performer, Accompanist, ya-da, ya-da...

Found helpful by 7 out of 8 people
Version 1.2.2
Review by Kalihiboy1

Don't Buy - Do not purchase this app. It is cryptic and not ready to be marketed at any price, not even free. While it has its good points such as key conversion and display scrolling, the method of placing chords in the right places above the lyrics is tedious, laborious, and inaccurate. Specifically, you type the lyrics of a song you want to display (or print). To place the appropriate chords in the right places above the lyrics, you have to insert the chord between the letters of that word using brackets, braces, and other symbols. And you're only guessing between which letters to place the chord. You have to look at another screen to see the actual layout. And if it's incorrect, you go back to the first screen and move the embedded chord to a different place within that word. You'd be better off typing the lyrics and chords in a word processer such as Word or Pages.

Found helpful by 6 out of 20 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.2.5
Review by DTownSMR

ChordPro Buddy FTW! - I can’t speak about previous versions because I switched to chordPro format just over a year ago and was sad to find ChordPro Buddy didn’t support my version of OS-X. But now this upgrade release of ChordPro Buddy gives me everything I was looking for in a native app: import conversion of plain text, raw chordPro edit panel, WYSIWYG pane. Everything you need to craft great chordPro files. And it’s custom chord diagrams are killer, especially for songwriters who tend to use unique chord voicings!! Fantastic app, well worth every penny.

Found helpful by 2 out of 2 people
Version 1.2.5
Review by BazJoe

Excellent at Formatting Printed Song Sheets - I was looking for an application that would give me full control over the look and feel of a printed song sheet and could open files I had previously formatted in the ChordPro format from a different application. This application does both of those things and it does it well. As a user you can control the font, font size and color for the various ChordPro parts including Title, Subtitle, Chorus, Lyrics, Chords Tabs and Comments. You can control the spacing between Lyric lines as well as the spacing between the Chords and the Lyrics. Once you get the look and feel you want, you can save the style (layout) as a template and easily apply the settings to the next song with a single click of the button. You can save as many different layouts as you want or need. When playing gigs I put songs in a 3-ring binder and I like to have a song fill two pages (a page spread) so it’s easy to read. When you open the print dialog, the software gives you the ability to set the page count, so the software automatically scales the song to fit to that page count. It even gives you a Zoom control field to fine tune the scaling. It appears the developer thought of all the little things you want to control when creating song sheets and packed it into this application. I was thoroughly impressed with this application and I'm loving the control it gives me over the printed versions of my song sheets. The software appears to do a lot more than just format songs, but wanted to share my experience with formatting songs for print output.

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people
Version 1.2.5
Review by stargazer8684

can’t figure it out???? - I have been unsucessful trying to import a song and have tried to contact the support with no success. I’m probably doing something wrong, but, I can’t find how to solve the issure in the “Help” area and haven’t gotten any answer from the program’s support?????

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people