ChordFinder - Piano Chord Finder for Serious Musicians

Developer: Codelle

Current Version: 1.4.0

Last Updated: 2 years ago

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ChordFinder is the most comprehensive chord dictionary you will ever encounter. Whether you are looking for a simple major chord or a very complex altered dominant jazz chord, ChordFinder knows them all.


- Contains information about 90 different chord types in 35 different keys (C, D, E, ... including sharps, flats, double sharps and double flats), that's over 3000 chords in total!

- For each chord you get to see the notes, optional notes, scale degrees, the various chord symbols you can encounter for this chord and more details.

- Play and listen to the chord you are viewing.

ChordFinder is in active development with many more features (such as scales and guitar support) planned for future versions.


Release Notes:

Various bugfixes and compatibility improvements


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.1.0
Review by pughimag

Not very useful - should be 0.99c - I was excited when I saw this tool. All it really does is give you root position chords. There are no inversions, left-hand chords, two-handed chords, chord substitutions. For example if you want to see a C7b2b5, all you will see are the notes C E Gb Bb Db - that's it! Pretty basic. This should be a 0.99c application. I feel that I have been taken to the cleaners on this product as it exists right now. It gets a total thumbs down from me. I want my money back!.

Found helpful by 83 out of 85 people