Choco 2

Developer: Sladki programi d.o.o.

Current Version: 2.3.3

Last Updated: 2 years ago

Download Size: 129.7 MB - Download


Choco is the great choice for every photo enthusiast who wants to make a photo collage, postcard or any other complex graphics scene. More than a hundred pre-built templates, layout generators, various frame types, shadows, built-in photo effects in a row with the ability to customize every detail of the scene makes this app valuable addition to any photo app pack.

You can visit application website to see the manual, watch screencasts and try the application features for free before the purchase decision.

Key features:
- More than 100 built-in templates
- Few frame types including freeform frame defined with bezier curves
- Various layout generators and photo shufflers
- Detailed scene editing: geometry, rotations, frames, paths - everything can be set up individually for each item
- Embedded photo filters for the scene items
- Built-in resources library to create backgrounds and frames with
- In-app sharing via Flickr & Facebook
- Great back-end with GPU rendering and RAW images support


Release Notes:

Fixed an issue that caused image saving fail on some machines under 10.10.
Minor issues fixed.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 2.2
Review by mac70graphics

unbelieveably great - It does what it says it will do, and it does it great. I love the fact that I can drop photos from iPhoto DIRECTLY into the individual frames within the template that I choose, and that the end product can be printed with detail, even with a B&W laser printer. haven’t tried the color laser printer yet. This was well worth the original price, but on $2 Tuesday it is a steal. It’s right up there with there other apps that i purchased from Sladki Programi d.o.o, Patterno and LightFrame. THANKS again.

Found helpful by 7 out of 7 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 2.3.3
Review by K. J. Doyle

Very nice app, missing some features I require - I am a professional photographer, my comments may not apply to folks who want to use this to make a casual collage or for occasional use. I had looked at a number of collage applications, without being impressed buy their designs. In the case of Choco, I downloaded the demo, and was impressed enough to purchase the app. The first problem that bit me was after working for more than an hour on a fairly complicated 2 x 3’poster, I closed the app without realizing that without warning it just threw away all of my work. It gave me no option or warning to save. I wrote the developer and he told me that this was “by design” not a document based application, so in closing a document it is akin to quitting the application. Obviously I was hoping that I was going to create a number of collage documents that I could edit and update and reprint for clients. The design of this application precludes this. The other thing that's missing is some form of auto alignment or directed alignment of photo elements in the collage. There is also no "snap to grid”, or other alignment helper. This means you have the rather tiresome job of individually aligning each element, unless you use one of the preconfigured templates or are satisfied with a more free-form layout. My design vision for a photo collage is a series of boxes of varying sizes but all possessing edge alignment and equal spaces in between. Choco does not provide me the tools to do that job easily. Again, this is far too time-consuming when I'm paying somebody a salary to create a collage for a client. On a positive note, I was impressed, I did buy the app, and that was because it is a generally good-looking application, possesses a lot of nice features, and was generally enjoyable to use. Unfortunately, from a professional perspective, where time is money, it's what Choco doesn't have it makes a deal breaker for me. As I said, your mileage may vary. So for me right now it gets three stars, it would definitely have five if it had the above-mentioned features. I sincerely hope the developer takes these comments to heart, because with a document-based approach, and proper alignment tools, this would be the best Collage app that I have seen.

Found helpful by 4 out of 4 people