Cheque Print

Developer: Jayanti Katariya

Current Version: 3.8

Last Updated: 2 years ago

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Cheque Print is easy to use, which allow to print cheque with any printer with unlimited print logs

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● Main Features:
- Setup unlimited templates for your Bank Cheque with unlimited user defined fields/inputs
- Support MICR Cheque Printing and blank cheque too
- Now you can add unlimited custom fields (label or text entry) to make your cheque template as per your bank's cheque you can add name, bank name, bank address, cheque#, account number, routing number etc
- App automatically spell out words/wording from your Cheque amount/number
- Setup your cheque size, all fields as per your cheque layout
- Print Logs support, Easy accounting
- Share/Export your print logs data to CSV Format
- Easy to re-print cheque from logs
- Setup template with date format, country, currency names, cheque size, crossed line on/off with custom text, font style/size/name for each individual field
- Auto detects cheque size from your cheque Image, you can edit manually too
- Easy to turn ON/OFF decimal places
- Allow to print cheque in vertical or horizontal mode
- Backup/Restore Templates and Print Logs data and you can Import/Export configuration one machine to other machine

● Why this app?
- You are making spell mistake while writing cheque? This app will generate wording from amount.
- Getting problem while writing number to words? This app will do for you.
- Forgot to put entry in cheque book index? This app will do for you automatically.
- Want to put long notes/memo about cheque? This app will allow to write notes for each cheque

● What you need to use this app?
- Scanned Bank cheque image, then app will detect your cheque size and you can map/overlay fields over cheque image
- To detect actual cheque size your image must be properly scanned
- Fine tune other template settings as per your needs and start printing your cheques


● How to use app checkout youtube video:

● For Feedback or report problem contact us:
[email protected]


Release Notes:

-Bug fixes and improvements


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 2.1.2
Review by cphillipsiTunes

Complicated and unusable - I spend quite a bit of timeon two different occasions trying to understand how this app works. I got a few things, like background photo and the most basic of data loading to work. However, it would not print. It seems to me that it needs better standardization of the fields that are on all checks. The banks info and the check writer’s name and address. I could find no standard templates that you could load, input your information and print. I uploaded another check writing program into my Windows 8.1 system and all the standard fields were there and I was able to print it out in no time at all. Whatever happened to Mac user friendly apps? Don’t understand how a check writing app like this could ignore the obvious. It is frustrating to waste money and time on an app like this.

Found helpful by 7 out of 7 people