h Checkers

Developer: Vardan Grigoryan

Current Version: 8.2 (HQ Tested)

Last Updated: 8 days ago

Download Size: 10.5 MB - Download


Play checkers game with your friends(WORLD WIDE or Locally) or with "CYBERMIND"!
Game has been developed for wide range of players, from beginners up to professionals. Just select your appropriate level from opponents menu.
ENJOY! Improve your checkers skill!

• Brilliant quality HD graphics, animations & sound effects
• Graphics acceleration
• Play with your friends or with "CYBERMIND"!
• Game Center integration
• Worldwide leaderboard
• Multiplayer (WORLD WIDE or Locally)
• Autosave/restoring
• Energy saving system


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Most Helpful Reviews

Version 7.0 (HQ Tested)
Review by Jsmit24

Challenging. - There are many checkers games available that suffer from poor implementation of the rules or an incredibly inept play algorithm. This one knows all the rules, is well-implemented, and can provide a challenge for any level player. Some of the other offerors of checkers games simply don’t seem to know the rules of the game. (For instance… there is one checkers game available on the app store that doesn’t force a player to take a jump when one is available). This is a great implementation of the game, however, and suceeds on all levels. Requests for an “undo” are simply not by the rules of the game. Once you take your “finger from the piece,” the move is complete and cannot be undone. Also, the request for being able to jump backwards in the same move that a pawn becomes a king is not by the rules. This program HAS THE RIGHT RULES. One MINOR complaint… I wish the kings were a little more varied from the other pieces so they really stood out more. Overall, NO complaints that would put this game in second place to anything else available.

Found helpful by 1 out of 2 people