Change Case

Developer: Holy Mackerel Software

Current Version: 1.2

Last Updated: 4 years ago

Download Size: 9.5 MB - Download


Change Case is a utility to translate plain text into different cases. Type the text you want converted into the top box. Click the OK button to convert the text into the specified case.

Case conversion types include:
iNVERT cASE — what was UPPERCASE is now lowercase, and vice versa.
lowercase — whatever the case was before, it is now lowercase.
RaNdOM cAsE — the case of each letter within each word is random. Click OK repeatedly to change again.
Title Case — normally this means every word starts with an UPPERCASE letter with the rest of the word being lowercase. But you have the option of keeping conjunctions all lowercase.
Sentence case — the whole of each sentence is in lowercase, except the first letter of the first word of each sentence is UPPERCASE.
UPPERCASE — whatever the case was before, it is now UPPERCASE.

The case conversion takes into account accented and foreign characters.


Release Notes:

[Fix] Bug fixes
[Fix] Sentence case and Title case now capitalise the beginning of new sentences properly.
[New] Added new Wikipedia entries for all conversion types.
[New] Added the ability to copy the Converted text to the Source text window.
[New] Font size can now be up to 48 points.
[New] Improved the layout of the Wikipedia windows.
[New] Reconfigured screen layout to be horizontal
[New] Windows can now display full screen.
[New] You can now convert diacritical text to its non-diacritical counterparts e.g. ç becomes c (lowercase) or É becomes E (uppercase).