Developer: Beijing Tiertime Technology Co., Ltd.

Current Version: 1.3.1

Last Updated: 9 days ago

Download Size: 110.5 MB - Download


Cetus3D is required for the operation of our 3D printer “Cetus”. The software provides 2 major functions, 1 Slicing 3D models and send the data to Cetus printer for printing. 2. Upload and share their 3D models to other people who use the same printer.

Software Features:
Arrange model on print plate: resize, rotate, invert, move,auto place, merge, fix and etc
2. Setup printing parameter and send the sliced model to printer for printing.
3. Provide simple preset models for basic modification of existing models.
4. Upload models to our 3D model sharing platform, the “Moshop”.
5. Provide tools to convert 2D images into lithopanes.
6. Allows sending Gcode to the Cetus printer for more user defined functionalities.


Release Notes:

1. Upgraded Calibration Module to Model Calibration, and offered Calibration STL downloadable from website.
2. You can connect to a printer with entering its IP address.
3. You can connect to a hidden WIFI by entering SSID.
5. Moved Platform Setting from Auto Height Adjustment and Leveling to Maintenance Dialog. The Platform parameters will be obtained from the server.
6. Added software declaration
7. Improved when copying models
8. Added animated icons when increasing or reducing temperature of nozzles and built plate.
9. Optimized the scroll bars for the pull-down frame.
10. Added better error messages indicating which axis is at fault when “Motion Systems Error” occurs.‍