Castle Clout

Developer: Selectsoft

Current Version: 1.0

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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Demolish the castle and topple your enemies!
Castle Clout is the original catapult game with over 35 million plays online*!

"Surprisingly addictive" -

Travel in time to a medieval battlefield and bring order to the lawless lands with your mighty trebuchet. Topple your enemies and destroy their strongholds with boulders, bombs, plagues and more! Smash through 150 epic levels of castle crashing action, then expand your kingdom with the powerful build-and-share level editor.

Choose between classic click controls and precision directional aiming as you adjust your angle and ammo to maximize the damage you inflict. The exciting physics-based play is similar to popular slingshot games but takes expert timing and strategy to master.

Build and share your own level designs! Make amazing structures using 3 different wall materials, then fill your creation with 6 kinds of characters.

Claim victory over 150 challenging levels of medieval mayhem. Plus enjoy free access to unlimited community-created shared levels.

Create shared levels to play on all your devices! All the custom shared maps you make on your Mac® desktop are playable on your iPhone® and iPad® Castle Clout apps.

• Easy-to-use controls—just aim, set and launch
• Build and share custom levels with 150 built-in levels
• Create shared levels to play on your Mac®, iPhone® or iPad®
• 12 special missiles including bomb, plague, glider and triple missiles
• 5 enemy characters (queen, king, jester, knight and archer) and 1 friendly character (monk)
• Plus 6 detailed backgrounds, a battle-ready soundtrack and fun enemy-squashing sound effects

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Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.0
Review by Rckhnd

iPhone's "Crush the Castle" - This is the Mac version from the iPhone. This one is actually better, because on the iPhone I was always accidentaly touching the screen and firing when I wasn't ready. This is a pretty good game of using the trebuchet to knock down various fortresses and castles. The neat thing here though is that we now have two different methods of shooting; mouse click to fire and click again to release, or use the mouse to draw a line towards your target which is more precise. The people still yell when they get hit and the blood still splatters, but it's not too gruesome. The layout is a little different but the graphics are better. The only downside to this game is that it has a preset screen size that won't let me go full screen. Other than that, it's a pretty fun way to kill a few minutes or get some coffee and campaign for a couple of hours.

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Version 1.0
Review by ClarkeBarre

ALMOST (but not quite) CRUSH THE CASTLE - If you're looking for "Crush the Castle", this is not it, but close. "Castle Clout" is not bad, but lacks interesting projectiles, and the physics aren't quite right. But my real complaint is, the app responds erratically to mouse/trackpad clicks, causing mislaunches, or no launches at all. A few tweaks by the developers should get it fixed in a future update. Still, it's big crushing fun!

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