Car Maintenance

Developer: Traxx Software LLC

Current Version: 1.8.22

Last Updated: 2 years ago

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Check out the Car Maintenance app in the iTunes App store.

Car Maintenance is the perfect app for keeping track of your car's service maintenance.

How many times have you forgotten to get your oil changed on your car in a timely manner? Now there's an easy way to keep track. Just enter the date and the mileage every time you have your Oil Changed and Car Maintenance will automatically calculate when your next service takes place by date and mileage.

When the current date or mileage exceeds the next date or mileage for the oil change you will automatically get alerted.

Keeps track of your Car Maintenance services
- Keep track of Oil Changes, tire Rotations and more.
- Get Alerted when a service is overdue
- Keep track of Gas Mileage
- Print or View reports
- Generate graphs
- Sync and backup your data with the iOS version of Car Maintenance through the website.

For technical support please contact [email protected]


Release Notes:

- Fixes syncing networking issues


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.7.1
Review by Soccer3210

Come on people, this is simply an amazing app. - I wrote the seller/developer the following email, he responded to a couple questions I had prior to this message. I went ahead and bought the mac and ios app last night and input some information. It was impressed by the functionality, honestly it should be getting better ratings in the app stores. I do like the print feature you have created in the mac application. The sync is also great and worked well for me. It is so much easier to setup a car/vehicle on a laptop rather than inputing all of the information on an iphone (in general) because of the advantage of a full size keyboard and larger screen. On the other hand, when working on the car or filling up on fuel, it is much easier to have the app on the phone and then simply sync at a later date. Great combination, plus they both act as a backup for each other. Itunes drives me nuts and always seems to do the opposite thing that I want to accomplish and would rather have a solid backup of my data. I definitely think reminders or push notifications would be a huge plus when maintenance is coming up. Perhaps you could set an interval (time or odometer) before the service is due and then remind you either every so many miles or days until you clear it. (Outside of email) "It does say when one is coming up in the app or with a number on top of the app icon as well, just not a push notification" Basic overall fuel stats would be great as well. Perhaps you could look at a certain time period for the stats and also have a very simple line graph that shows the date filled up against mpg, this way you can see the peaks and valleys or trends that may hint at an issue with the car. Something very simple, doesn't need to be fancy looking. (Outside of email) "It does keep a fuel log" The other feature that would be impressive is the ability to attach an image of a receipt to a service or line item. Although, not nearly as important as the above two suggestions, it would be very nice. I like to keep a hardcopy of everything, but that would be the only reason I do (receipts). If that feature was there then it would completely eliminate the need until I needed to print the entire service record. Well... Great work and keep it up. I look forward to seeing future releases and really hope you keep developing the program. I am going to add a review in the apple store because it deserves it and people are overlooking your program.

Found helpful by 2 out of 5 people
Version 1.7.0
Review by raymi0603

Crap - Wsated my money. The screen does not properly fir mac book pro and cannot be re-sized. No plave to insert cost. Instructions are garbage. Gas Cubby for ipad is much better, I've been waiting for them to make an app for the mac. Don't buy "Car Maintenance"!

Found helpful by 4 out of 5 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.8.22
Review by Aegiscxc

waste of time and money - I bought this app and added a car with service logs. I then deleted the car and tried to add a new one. The app kept crashing everytime I tried to add another car and when I rebooted the app the old car was listed again. I tried to add a new car and delete the old one for 20 minutes until I gave up. It crashed on my a total of 6 times before I had enough and deleted it. I was never able to add a seond car with it crashing. A total waste of $15. I’m never buying another app without a trial version again.

Found helpful by 2 out of 2 people