Captain FTP

Developer: Xnet Communications GmbH

Current Version: 6.5.6

Last Updated: 4 years ago

Download Size: 11.5 MB - Download


Captain FTP is a fast, powerful, secure, user-friendly FTP Client which makes transferring files simple.

Users may use simple drag'n'drop from the Finder/Desktop to multiple remote sites available with the tabbed interface.
Manage file transfers with our Transfer Manager which allows users to monitor, pause, stop, restart and even schedule file transfers.

Updating your web site is made very easy with our sophisticated yet easy to use Synchronization module. We even provide the ability to schedule 'Sync Jobs' at a time convenient for you.

For quick access to your remote data, Captain FTP has provided 'Virtual Folders', a direct desktop shortcut to a remote folder which may be also placed in the dock. Simply drop a file on the folder icon to transfer the file.

Captain FTP provides a wealth of functionality that caters for less experienced users and power users.

Feature List:
FTP, FTPS, SFTP, TLS/SSL, WebDAV, Amazon S3, Youtube, iDisk, Bonjour and AFP.
Quickly connect to remote servers, network volumes to manage, sync and backup your files.

Turbo Downloads
You can see the difference in download speed when using the Turbo option.
* The server must support Resume for this feature to work.

Multiple Connections
Twin browser windows with Tabs allow you to connect to multiple servers.

Transfer Manager
Manage all transfers from a single window.
Add, remove, pause and schedule.

Compare local and remote data for modified, new and deleted files.

Schedule Transfers
Keep your data up to date by updating local or remote folders when you want.

Create Backups
Combine Sync and Scheduling to back up your data.

Virtual Folders (Droplets)
Create shortcuts to favorite local and remote folders on your desktop or dock.
Docksend - Drag'n'drop files to the icon to transfer or double click to browse the connection.

Automated Transfers
Use the Crowznest addon, to map local 'hot' folders to remote folders.
The local folder is monitored and updates are automatically uploaded.

File Sharing
Share the address book and your files securely with approved users only.
Email or copy URLs for larger files to trusted contacts.

Address Book
Quickly connect to local, remote and network volumes.
Create local and remote favorite folders.
Arrange your Connections and Favorites in Groups.

Sync Browsing
Setup identical folder structures and browse both from one window.

Remote Edit
Edit local files with the editor of your choice. Set the editor for

Quick Look
Quickly preview remote or local files.

Compress groups of files before transferring to save on bandwidth and space.

Auto-Resume & Auto-Reconnect
If the your connection is interrupted during a transfer, Captain FTP will try to re-connect you
and resume the transfer where it stopped.

Burn Files and Folders to CD or DVD.

Integrated with Growl notifications and setup email notifications with the CrowzNest addon.

Find files/folders in local and remote directories.

Extended information about files and folders with the option of setting privileges for local and remote files.

File Compare
Compare text files and highlight the differences between them.

Customized Toolbar
Add and remove feature icons from the Toolbar, setup how you want it.

International Character/Font support
English, German, French, Polish, Japanese and Chinese.


Release Notes:

Occasional crash during launching the application


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 6.3
Review by aprilgem

Even better than I'd hoped... - I'd been using CuteFTP for Mac, which I'd bought back when it was owned by JASC, until an unavoidable upgrade to Snow Leopard finally disabled it. I went with CaptainFTP as a replacement FTP client because I suspected it was somehow related to CuteFTP, and so far, I LOVE IT. It has a familiar user interface, very much like CuteFTP's interface, and I was able to import my settings from CuteFTP so that I didn't have to re-enter all the servers, accounts, and passwords that I had saved in my address book. Not only that, but I was able to create shortcut icons, not just on the app's menu bar but also on Finder, so I can easily access the FTP servers I use the most and drag and drop any files that need moving right on to them. I have a feeling there are even more features I haven't discovered yet, but so far, everything I could possibly need out of an FTP client has been covered and in an exceptional way.

Found helpful by 2 out of 2 people
Version 6.5.6
Review by MisleadByFeature

Segmentation feature disabled on sftp - Segmentation feature does not work over FTPS or SFTP protocols (only over FTP). This was not clearly documented and was the only reason I was willing to try this terrible application. The user interface is terrible, the application locked up when you try to abort a transfer, and the “Add to Transfer Manager” option trunctates the file path then fails to download the file trying to request it from the ftp root directory. I had to come back and expand on just how faulty this application it. If you make a second connection to the same server and disconnect that session, your current downloads from the first session stall out. If you then close Captain FTP it no longer allows you to connect to the exact same server, port and all. Tried ftp from the command line, worked immediately, removed the server from the address book, readded, “server is not reachable”. Do not waste your time or money on this terrible software.

Found helpful by 7 out of 8 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 6.5.6
Review by CPST_Jim

Crashes A LOT, plus Transfer Manager issues mar an otherwise good app. - If you leave the app open, it will eventually quit responding and crash, causing you to Force Quit the app. This isn’t an if, it’s a when. It’s just going to happen, and it’s been an issue for well over 6 months. At least it doesn’t crash in the middle of downloads like it used to… The Transfer Manager has a SERIOUS issue right now. Any file added to the Transfer Manager will hang with exactly 1 second left in the transfer. This means that batch transfers just stop, because the previous files never complete, so new files never start downloading. Your only choice is to delete the files manually from the Transfer Manager so the next files will start downloading. Keep doing this until your entire batch is complete. The files are in fact completely downloaded. This is just an unbelievably annoying bug in the Transfer Manager that comes darned close to breaking the functionality of the app itself. Individual file downloads complete properly. It’s just batch downloads which are broken. All that said, this is one of the precious few FTP programs for the Mac which supports segmented downloading. Segmented downloading is the ONLY way to truly access all the speed of your expensive broadband connection when using FTP for file transfers. It’s inexcusable in this day and age for any FTP program, especially one you are charged for, to NOT support segmented downloading! Do not ever buy an FTP program without this feature. I will happily raise my rating on this app to 4-Stars once the Transfer Manager bug is fixed, and will give it a full 5-Stars once the crash bug is FINALLY found and squashed.

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people
Version 6.5.6
Review by anemi009

does not open - I just bought this program and it does not even open! I have the latest version of Max OSx and it says I need a newer version. So disappointed!

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people