Canary Mail - Secure Email App

Developer: Mailr Tech LLP

Current Version: 1.8.1

Last Updated: 11 days ago

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Modern email apps compromise on security or features. Canary does not.

Some of your most important info is shared via email, which is why we built end-to-end encryption into our app. This ensures only you and the person you're communicating with can read what is sent, and nobody in between, not even your provider.

All of this happens automatically: no need to turn on settings or set up special secret keys to secure your emails.

Welcome to secure, effortless, email.


With Canary's one-click encryption, you can effortlessly enhance your email security. The email is encrypted on your device and decrypted on your recipient's device. It will be unreadable on your provider's web interface, or by anyone else on any other app!

• Automatic: Automate the key exchange to focus on crunching emails, without worrying about security.

• Manual: Advanced PGP users can manage their own keys and exchange encrypted emails with anyone.


With natural language search, smart filters, algorithmic bulk cleaner, and intelligent typography enhancements, Canary helps you easily find and act on what's important, and get rid of what's not!

• Focused Inbox:Canary learns which emails are important to you and highlights them for easy access. Intelligent typography enchancements ensure optimum readability.

• Natural Language Search: Search for photos from dad, receipts this month, or unread newsletters. Canary understands what you're looking for and finds it first time, everytime.

• Smart Filters: Quickly isolate unread emails, or emails with attachments. Check if you've missed replying via the unanswered filter. Gmail users can also access their Inbox tabs / categories.

• Bulk Cleaner: Canary's adaptive algorithms learn which emails are likely to be unimportant. Tap on the magic wand and scroll to automatically find, select, and then delete unwanted emails.


Don't pay a monthly fee for features you want and need. With Canary, you always have full access!

• Read Notifications: Get notified when your emails are read.

• Snooze: Deal with emails at your convenience.

• Email Templates: Avoid repetition. Save and re-use frequently sent emails.

• One-Click Unsubscribe: No need to look for pesky unsubscribe links.


Email plays a central role when it comes to files, events, and tasks.
So we made sure Canary plays nice with your favorite apps!

• Google Drive

• Dropbox

• Todoist

• Things

• iCal

• Google Calendar

• Giphy

• Keybase & MIT


Get all of Canary's powerful features and cutting-edge encryption technology with your existing email account(s). Just add your account(s) and go!

• Gmail

• iCloud

• Office 365

• Yahoo

• Custom IMAP

• Exchange (if IMAP is enabled on server)


Release Notes:

- New: Stronger local database encryption
- New: Allow loading PGP keyrings with invalid packets
- Fix: Improve app responsiveness
- Fix: Database corruption in certain situations
- Fix: Revoked keys may not migrate in certain situations
- Fix: Crash during background refresh
- Fix: Decryption not working for enigmail / flowcrypt with inline and attachments
- Fix: Support for new encryption ciphers
- Fix: Corrupted DB might cause an app deadlock
- Fix: Better DB corruption detection
- Fix: Permission required when connecting to insecure servers
- Security fixes


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.7.1
Review by bamboo-water

Absolutely Great to Setup and Use - About a month ago I got deeply frustrated with the Apple Mail Client, so I went looking. I found Airmail and Canary Mail. I first spent about 3 weeks working with Airmail. It is very good and has some very nice features. Then I moved over to Canary Mail. I have been using it for three days, With my recent experience with Airmail, I really pushed hard on Canary Mail to test all of its features and responses, especailly as they relate to Airmail’s features and responses. Both are great email clients, but I now can say—I absolutely love Canary Mail! I love the “random” beautiful photos that pop up to add some beauty and nature to my day. I love the fact that encryption is already baked in. Canary Mail has flown of and is now the Overall Winner for my new email client to replace Apple Mail. Thanks to everyone involved at Canary Mail—You Fly!

Found helpful by 4 out of 5 people
Version 1.6.7
Review by Trevin_W

Embarrassing - Render the fonts properly! I had a font that’s size 19 that’s rendered as size 13 and I sent to my clients. When I opened Google Mail it only became apparent that’s it’s not the size I want and it looks enormous. What the hell? This is unacceptable.

Found helpful by 2 out of 3 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.8.1
Review by Navdoc13

A little buggy and lacking a useful tool unless I missed it - 1. A little buggy - There have been a number of times where I’ve opened the email and it shows up in one or another minimized form that can’t be expanded except in fullscreen mode which is annoying. Maybe the update will fix that but if not, please do. 2. I’d like to be able to show all pinned items at the top of the emails in the inbox. It’s not that useful in the pane on the right because I usually have emails open covering up that screen.

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people
Version 1.8.1
Review by JMoney2020

Work to be done - This app isn't actually integrated with Todoist, not the way Airmail, Spark, or Newton are… it could be termed, integration light. The integrations are critical to my workflow and the other apps all have some critical flaw, which makes me keep looking (Newton’s pricing model is clunky, Airmail while powerful doesn’t have an elegant workflow and feels clunky, and Spark is focusing on the wrong things like the useless smart inbox and quick replies that sure to be useless to all but the most basic users). It’s disspointing to see the integrations are still at their early stages, but there is hope for this app so I have my fingers crosssed.

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people