Camera Lens Studio Pro - Best Photo Editor and Stylish Camera Filters Effects

Developer: PSDC Creative Inc.

Current Version: 1.0

Last Updated: 2 days ago

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Amazing 50% discount from the original app price! Eligible Australian, China, New Zealand Mac App Store bestseller list first photography class software, Norway, Mexico, Japan, Hong Kong, Denmark, Spain Mac App Store bestseller list, Camera Lens Studio® is the creative photo editor, made exclusively for Mac. You will get fantastic results almost instantly with powerful, yet simple editing tools and over 300+ filter presets, developed by Pro design and photographers.

Shoot, edit, and get creative with your photography using unique filters and effects. Connect with new talents, and discover exciting albums for every topic you can imagine.

- Photographic Sync: 50 kinds of color effects a key to apply
- Arts Development: 30 kinds of art, vignette, black and white filter
- Warm and cold colors: 20 kinds of cold and warm tone filter head
- Exposure view: 40 kinds of magic light, exposure, color inversion
- Lens flare: 30 kinds of lens flare effect
- Leaked film: 20 kinds of local film leaked
- Gradient filter: 20 kinds of gradient filter
- Vignette Bokeh: 10 kinds of vignetting, bokeh effect

Camera Lens Studio® - Photo Editor To Add Amazing Digital Art
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