CPU Indicator

Developer: Francois Lamboley

Current Version: 2.0

Last Updated: 4 years ago

Download Size: 322.2 KB - Download


Be aware of the utilization of the processor you are doing at any instant with CPU Indicator 2.0!
Sitting in an unobtrusive window, in the menu bar or in the dock, a set of images shows you how much processor is being used on your machine.

CPU Indicator features:
• Possibility to show one indicator per CPU
• An indicator that can be shown in the Menu Bar, in a borderless window and/or in the Dock
• A non-intrusive window with options to set the window opacity, the window level (above or behind other windows)
• An option to make the window ignore clicks
• Customizable themes (aka. Skins). Some sample skins can be found on the official site of Frost Land
• The Dock icon of the application can be hidden
• Full Mac OS X integration


CPU Indicator is open-sourced on github. Search for "Frizlab/CPU-Indicator".


Release Notes:

• CPU Indicator can now be shown in a borderless window, in the Dock, and/or in the Menu Bar
• Option added to choose the borderless window level (above every other windows, normal window or behind other windows)
• Option to allow the borderless window not handle clicks (clicks go through the window)
• Option to allow showing one CPU Indicator per CPU in the Menu Bar
• Option to allow showing CPU Indicator in text mode or with an image in the menu bar
• Better integration with Mac OS X
• Internal code rewriting for a better and faster application
• CPU Indicator is now sandboxed