CM TIFF Viewer

Developer: Complete Magic Apps

Current Version: 1.0.5

Last Updated: 2 months ago

Download Size: 7.7 MB - Download


CM TIFF Viewer is a TIFF File Graphical Viewer. It employs the same TIFF rendering engine as our ComboTIFF, CM TIFF 2 PDF, Batch TIFF & PDF Converter and CM PDF & TIFF Page Extractor applications.

TIFF Documents are container files which can supported a wide variety of compression algorithms and some are widely used while others may be a little more obscure.

Over time, we had request to test of the TIFF documents which our users have are compatible with our tools and as such CM TIFF Viewer is born.

This FREE application can be used to evaluate the TIFF viewing and rendering features of our other tools or can be used as a quick way to view a TIFF document file which you may have around.

It supports both Single Page and Multipage TIFF documents which you can navigate through the pages. There is a Zoom slider which you can use to enlarge or reduce the dimensions of your TIFF file.

CM TIFF Viewer also offers you the option to save the current view page as a JPEG File. Using the Scale Slider, you can determine the JPEG Photo dimensions. There is also the option to determine the JPEG Quality and whether you want to save the page as a Full Color or Grayscale JPEG.

CM TIFF Viewer is a standalone application which is simple to use.


Release Notes:

In this update, we added the ability to save the current viewed page as a JPEG File. We included the option to save as a Full Color or as a Grayscale JPEG file with the additional option to determine JPEG Quality.

This should offer you a glimpse to what our other TIFF apps can do.