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Current Version: 2.4.4

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CM Batch Photo Processor helps you in performing the mundane and tiresome task of having to batch resize and rename all your photos while giving you back the time to doing what you enjoy doing.

It does :-

* Batch Resizing (Downsizing and Upsizing)
* Batch Resize Images into Fixed Dimension Frames while retaining Image Ratio Aspect
* Batch File Renaming
* Automatically Read in the EXIF Rotation Setting and Determine the rotation angle needed for each photo
* Batch Rotation of Photos
* Batch Effect Manipulation such as Oil Paint, Sepia, Equalize, Grayscale, Sharpen, Blur, Engrave, Solarize, Contrast and Auto Level Enhancement
* Batch Conversion of Image Format
* Batch Import of Folders of Photos using the Load Folders or by dragging and dropping a folder into the application. Using this option, you can retain the folder structure when saving the processed photos.

* Supports JPEG, Single Page TIFF, PNG and BMP Photos.
* Supports Output to 48 Bit Color Depth TIFF

It can do all these with a few easy settings and it works faster than if you can do it manually.

Resizing is never easier as it provides you with several methods such as Downsizing by Pixel, Upsizing by Pixel, Resizing by Percentage and several quick ratios to use.

* Upsizing will cause image quality degrading.

The renaming feature allows you to add Prefix and Suffix to your existing filenames and/or include an auto-generated running number to it. You can tag on any text to the filenames so that in the near future when you refer to those photos, you would know where and when they are taken.

Apart from helping you resize and rename your photos, CM Batch Photo Processor can help you rotate photos and add that extra spark to your photos through its manipulation option, some of which includes Sharpen, Blur, Oil Paint, Negative, Equalize, Sepia and Grayscale effects.

When you take pictures in landscape mode on an iPad,iPhone or an iPod Touch, it will show up as portrait mode in iPhoto, use CM Batch Photo Processor to rotate them to the correct orientation in a few seconds.

CM Batch Photo Processor works with the commonly used photo format which includes JPEG, PNG, BMP and TIFF files. Satisfying all your photography needs.

With Multi-threading, CM Batch Photo Processor is a lot faster than ever before.

CM Batch Photo Processor is a great tool for both professional and amateur photographers alike. It certainly is a handy app to have for anyone who deals with photos.

Resized photos would be small enough to send to your friends or put on the web and can be viewed by Mac, Windows and Linux users alike.

Like they say, a Picture paints a thousand words and CM Batch Photo Processor would certainly make that task easier for you.

Below are some screenshots of the application and sample photos manipulated by the program using the Oil Paint, Sepia and Negative effects.

Note : For OS X Lion user, the Save In Directory is not saved as such, you would need to select it if you want to save in a different folder from the original photos.

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Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.1.17
Review by RGPK

Problems have been fixed! - I am very pleased to say that the problems I was having with CM Batch have been repaired and the program is now working just fine! I should point out that their service was excellent. Within just hours of my first making the bug report to them, I got an email back from them. I gave them additional details, and after some delays on Apple's part putting up the revised version, CM Batch is working just fine. I have started to use the program, mostly for reducing the size of high-resolution, extremely large photos to a more suitable size for posting on my blog. Before I used to use Photoshop Elements to do this one picture at a time. CM lets me do it with a whole batch of photos in one shot. I often convert them to grayscale as well because I just happen to like black and white photos. To make a long story short, the program is working fine. The results of the re-sized images are quite good, and surprisingly sharp and clear, with no distortion. Grayscale transforms are very well done with no loss of detail and very nice shading. If you need to convert photos, either just re-sizing them, or converting to other formats or black and white, take a look at this program. It's doing the job for me. Brief update: Just recently used it to transform .PNG images to .JPG, and it worked very well.

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