Developer: Christophe Ducommun

Current Version: 1.12

Last Updated: 4 years ago

Download Size: 3.6 MB - Download


CLBuilder is a developer tool to easily write, compile, execute and profile OpenCL kernel.

Main features of CLBuilder
1) Write OpenCL kernels with color syntaxing and code completion
2) Compile the kernel to check errors without the need to launch and debug your own app.
3) Easily create and select Build settings.
4) Define kernel input values and check results.
5) Profile the kernel execution time in order to improve performances.
6) Create different Work Item Sizes Set (Global and Local) to check performances.
7) Execute the kernel with printf on CPU and easily debug the code.
8) Consult execution log in order to see what CLBuilder is doing (log each OpenCL C function).
9) Check Local and Constant arguments and resources used by the kernel.
10) Generate C code to execute the kernel, CLBuilder will also compile this generated source code and execute it.
11) Easily check all OpenCL properties including platform information.
12) Kernel C string generator for copy paste in XCode.
13) Chart support for displaying values of arguments.

Limitations : Actually CLBuilder doesn't support Image 3D kernel argument, but planned for future update.

Contact us for questions, feature request or anything else.
Use the menu in CLBuilder to send your comments.

You can also read the blog on the web site to write your comments.

We are hard at work to improve CLBuilder, please help us by sending your feedback by mail.



Release Notes:

New application icon
New device informations (OpenCL 1.1)
Automatic detection of source kernel file modification (external editor)
Build information in Console (binary size, build options)
Execution information in Console (used local memory, max work group size, kernel preferred work group size multiple)
Add half support
Add sampler_t kernel argument support
Add support for vectors of 3 dimensions (OpenCL 1.1)
Add window informations of supported image formats
Check extension support before execution.