Developer: Eiperle CGM

Current Version: 1.502

Last Updated: 15 days ago

Download Size: 643.7 MB - Download


We gave our rc Helicopter Flight Simulator the name neXt because it heralds the next evolution in the model flight simulator industry.

Thanks to the highly effective programming beneath the hood of the graphics engine, you'll get the highest quality not only on the latest hardware, but also smooth performance on older computer systems. The neXt contains 18 flight sceneries, 56 helicopters, 12 multicopters and 2 fixed-wing models.

More scenes, models and functions will be added in free updates. All v1.x updates are free of charge.

Beginner: The hover flight trainer progressively enables more and more control functions in order to help beginners learn hovering from the four predefined angles. An inverted-flight trainer completes this training program. The switchable autopilot simulates the flight behavior of real helicopters with rescue systems (e.g. BEASTX Microbeast Pro-Edition).

Advanced: The Simulator is of course fully 3D. If necessary, the neXt shows the stick movements with four available control assignments. Now you can train blade scratching. Practice autorotations and learn the required pitch inputs to perform the manoeuvre in reality with confidence. The more the energy builds up in the main rotor blades, the more the flight data display (below heli) turns yellow.

Training videos for learning Roll, Turn, Funnel, TicTocs, Piro Flip, Piro Looping, Piro Circle, Piro TicToc, a.s.o. Press the key 'v' to open the flight recorder. Click on 'Menu' and load the desired training video.

Fun: Try to land your helicopter at a box. A optional marker shows the position of the helicopter on the ground. Meet your friends online in flight meetings. A maximum of up to 10 pilots can attend a room. Record your best flights and save them to disk.

REDNECK NIGHT FLY with fire and a spot lights. Inspired by Tony Whiteside.

Racetracks for multicopters and fpv camera including a top 30 highscore list (offline and online).

Professional film production: Practice camera flights in co-operation between the pilot and the cameraman with the DJI S1000 - including 3axis control and GPS stabilization. The camera can be controlled by a second transmitter or Joypad (Society of Aerial Cinematography / SOAC)

Compatible control systems (list on our webpage):
- A transmitter that has a USB adapter cable. We do recommend the use of the RCWare RX2SIM Wireless Multi-Sim Adapter which offers up to 8 proportional channels and works with all common transmitters (available on our webpage).
- PS3 / PS4 Controller or any joypad


Release Notes:

- new helicopter: SAB Black Thunder 700 T
- FPV Window can be switched off permanently (Tab Training)
- improved guest list (online meeting)
- new GUI for the flight recorder
- compiled with Unity 5.6.5p1.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version v 1.172
Review by QMAXIMUS666

Outsatanding!!! As good if not better than the top simulators available - The phsysics and graphics are outstanding! I'm using a DX8 with a USB cable and works great. Only thing lacking is a throttle hold feature for autorotations but contacted developer and they are adding this to the next update along with some other features. This is one of the best looking and feeling simulators I've used so far, feel confident about buying this. Using this sim on a new imac with graphics maxed and it's running smooth with no problems. Thanks CGM for all your hard work making this! A++++

Found helpful by 7 out of 8 people
Version 1.405
Review by Parallax 3D

Do not purchase from this App Store. Purchase directly from vendor website - If you own a Mac and you need a simulator for RC helicopters, this neXt simulator is a must. This simulator is frequently updated to include modern helicopters. The physics and graphics compare very well with RealFlight 7.5 and Phoenix 5. Unlike RealFlight 7.5, this neXt simulator does not consume lots of computer resources; My Mac fans turn on and get loud within a minute of firing up RealFlight via BootCamp/WIN7. NeXt has never turned on my Mac’s fans. The only reason I gave it 2 stars (instead of the 5 it deserves) is to let people know to not purchase this software from this Apple App Store mainly because the App Store vetting process makes it so that the software version is months behind the latest software version available at the vendor’s website.

Found helpful by 4 out of 5 people