Burn Zombie Burn

Developer: Kavcom Limited

Current Version: 1.2.1

Last Updated: 10 months ago

Download Size: 156.6 MB - Download


Welcome to the char-grilled world of Burn Zombie Burn, where the best type of undead is barbequed undead.

The goals are simple: keep Bruce alive, as he tries to keep Daisy alive, and get the highest score possible. Standing (well, ambling) in your way is a never ending horde of the rotting, stinking and stupid undead. Fortunately our mild-mannered hero Bruce can get hold of some tasty weaponry. Burn, batter, shoot, maim, blow up, mince, and obliterate as many zombies as possible before they make Bruce their dinner…

Flaming zombies are faster and more dangerous than regular uncooked zombies. But burning zombies drop better pickups and act as a score multiplier – light ‘em up, score big, and have fun.


MacLife - 4/5 Great
glassyeyed.com - Burn Zombie Burn! Was perfect. But the addition of turning your iOS device into a controller, made a 9 out of 10 a solid 10.
mactrast.com - If you’re a zombie fan, you’ll certainly be a fan of Burn Zombie Burn 7/10.
enoda.co.uk - be quick, the zombies are coming to get you! 4/5 Stars
Macnotes.de - 7/10

Key features:

•In game Tutorial, prepares you to fight the undead
•A hoard of zombie types – dancers, exploders, armoured, infectious, and fire-farting super zombies
•An arsenal of weaponry – bats, guns of all sizes, chain saw, flamethrower, lawnmower, brain gun and groovy dance gun
•Big red button – use weapon combos to enable the big red button and trigger unique level events
•A healthy range of explosives – upgrade your everyday TNT for increasingly destructive explosives and mines
•A truck load of pick-ups – ammo, defence for daisy, rampage, speed, time, TNT, TNT range and type upgrades, and junk food health boosters
•6 infinite play arenas – The Woods, Graveyard, Suburbia, Drive-in, Army Base, Secret Lab
•3 game modes – Free Play, Defend Daisy and Timed
•10 challenges with alternate styles of play
•Super un-lockable bonuses including multiple game rendering modes
•A coffin full of in-game achievements to complete
•Play Burn Zombie Burn in a window or full screen
•Full configurable Screen resolutions

Game Controls:

•Keyboard and mouse
•BZB Gamepad – Free to download app turns your iPhone or iPod Touch into a fully featured Gamepad, which connects to your Mac via WiFi.
•Burn Zombie Burn has been tested for compatibility with the following Game Pads: PS3 wireless, 360 Wired and Logitech Dual Action.


Release Notes:

* BZB is now Retina Display compatible.
* Fixed crash when selecting Full Screen Mode in Mac OS X Lion and later.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.2.0
Review by Asch Elliott

Controllers are confusing :/ - Setting up a controller with this is exceptionally difficult. I tried changing the setting to "gamepad" in the options menu with no luck. There are no instructions on how to connect a PS3 controller nor Xbox 360 controller to get it to work with this game. Some kind of in-game client or menu would be greatly appreciated. I really looked forward to ease of use because I relish the idea of using my PS3 controller with my Mac. Until this is fixed or much better explained, I'm afraid I won'e be playing very much of it. Other than that, the game was pretty awesome :D Mechanics and gameplay rock! Edit: The help section greatly details how to set up a controller :D Sorry guys, my bad.

Found helpful by 13 out of 14 people
Version 1.2.0
Review by odabeats

PS3/Xbox controller - it says in the description you can use either controller with the game but you can't. I got both controllers to work with all my games EXCEPT this one. what a fraud! BEWARE

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people