Bug Attack

Developer: Webfoot Technologies, Inc.

Current Version: 1.0

Last Updated: 4 years ago

Download Size: 48.3 MB - Download


A creepy-crawly retro arcade game! An army of ants and other insects is descending upon your garden. Fight back with various weapons and explosive insecticide! Classic arcade game fun for the whole family.


* 25 amazing levels
* 5 Different Weapons
* High-score table
* Super addicting game-play
* Cool musical soundtrack


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Version 1.0
Review by exactspace

Broken and contains sounds that will break your speakers and your ears. - Unfortunately, I will have to give this game one star, because it is unplayable. The game crashes at the game over screen. I have a crash report, but there is no way for me to send this information to Webfoot. I went to their website and the only thing I can get is a telephone number which tells me to refer to their support link on the site which does not exist. Before the crash, there were other issues. One, that when I had my USB controller plugged in, the main menu acted sporadically, even though there is nothing wrong with the controller. After unplugging it, I got the menu to behave normally with the keyboard. However, there is no joystick/gamepad configurations in the options menu. Another annoyance with the main menu was the contstant loading screens of displaying a full screen background image and demo gameplay. The game itself seems to be at least marginally fun. It has an interesting "tilt" effect on the gameplaying field. One big improvement would be a line which would tell the player the bounds you can travel in. Another nagging issue is the extremely loud explosion sound of the TNT. It's WAY louder than everything else, which is really annoying. It was only 99 cents, but I still feel robbed. The game is broken, since it will never be able to retain high scores from crashing. I'm hoping the creators will read this so I can look forward to some updates soon.

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