Bubble Breaker Pro

Developer: MobiSoftware

Current Version: 1.0

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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Try to remove all balls. Any cluster of 2 or more balls can be removed and will add the value indicated. Clusters with more balls have an increasing larger value. The more balls eliminated at once, the higher the points added to the player's score.
The scoring can be expressed in the formula "Y=X(X-1)". X represents the number of balls grouped together, Y is the resulting score. For example an elimination of 16 balls will result in 240 points (240=16(16-1)).
Removed balls will be replaced by moving the columns down. Once a column is empty the space will be filled with the columns to the left of the empty space.
In the standard mode of the game, the game ends when the player has no more moves left; there are no more like-colored balls adjacent to each other.
The player has four unique game styles to choose from, including Standard, which is described above. The other game styles are Continuous, Shifter and MegaShift.
Continuous mode is similar to the standard mode, with one major difference. Whenever the player clears an entire column of balls, a new one arrives from the left side of the game board. New columns can be previewed in a small area at the bottom of the screen. As with the regular standard mode, the game ends when the player runs out of adjacent like-colored balls.
MegaShift is another one of the game styles available for bubble breaker. The major difference in this mode is the addition of a new column of balls whenever the player manages to clear an entire column of balls from the game board. Balls will always move to the right of the screen if there is space for them to do so. The newly-appearing column of balls can be previewed at the bottom of the screen before they are brought on-board and they appear from the leftmost side of the game board. As with the other modes, the game ends when the player ceases to have any moves left.
Shifter is one of the game styles available for bubble breaker. This game mode is similar to the MegaShift mode in that balls will tend to gravitate towards the right part of the game board. Unlike MegaShift mode however, the board has a finite number of balls and no new balls arrive to replenish the ones the player clicks off the game board.


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Version 1.0
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