Developer: Autumn Apps

Current Version: 1.5.12

Last Updated: 2 years ago

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Watch the Breeze video to see it in action:

Maximize your productivity with simple window management.

Are a jumble of windows getting in the way of your productivity? Breeze can help you arrange your windows and ease your workflow.

What is Breeze?
Breeze gives you simple window management on Mac OS X through a concept called “window states”.

When you save a window state, Breeze remembers the relative size and position of the focused window.

At any point, you can apply that state (size and position) like a template to any other focused window.

Helpful Defaults:
Breeze comes with some handy default window states for Fullscreen and Splitscreen Left or Right.

Make Your Own:
Save your own global window states or application window states. Give them global keyboard shortcuts so you can move
windows around any time in any application.

- Save a window state (relative size and position on screen).
- Restore that window state, like a template, to any other window.
- Works with multiple monitors and adjusts for difference in resolution.
- Minimal interface stays out of your way and consumes minimal system resources.
- Rescue stray windows and bring them back on screen.


Release Notes:

Fix for "corrupt" warning and failure to run after Nov 11, 2015.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.5.4
Review by maccustomer

Love this app - it functions great, it never closes or has any problems like tilewindows and doublepane. what i especially love about it is the ability to save states specifically for different applications and general window states! It's great that you can resize it to fit your needs and save it as opposed to automatically preset windows. This is my third application for tiling windows and it is by far my favorite and I am more than satisfied. I think $8 is a bit pricey but it is definitely worth it. It's better than spending either $3 or $5 on an tiling application that frustrates you because it doesn't work the way you want it to. I recommend it to anyone, it's so easy to use and very useful when working on more than one window.

Found helpful by 3 out of 3 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.5.12
Review by Bonzo1980

Best Window Management - There are several window management apps, but Breeze is my favorite. In particular, you can save window management states for each individual app, something that none of the other window management apps support. So I can use the same keyboard shortcut for Safari, Pages, Notes, etc. and Breeze will handle it differently depending on which app is active. For that reason alone, Breeze is an absolutely essential app that I use on all of my Macs every day. I've never had any problems or crashes with the app, and it faithfully runs each time I start up one of my Macs. This is an excellent app and one of the few essential apps that dramatically increases my productivity after a little customization.

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people
Version 1.5.12
Review by Homer1954

Thanks! - Some time ago, I purchased Window Magician, only at a much higher price, and it pretty much did what I needed, but Sandboxing broke that ap. Some time later, I am happy to say, “Sir (or Madam), you get it!” You got Window Management right, and at a very reasonable price! Thanks!

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Version 1.5.12
Review by einexile

Handy but... - In Mavericks I find myself having to relaunch this app almost every time I sleep the computer, which is often because I close my MacBook to work at my desk with a full size monitor. I’d write this off as a bugaboo, but the disruption normally caused by sleep mode and switching displays is the main reason this app is necessary to Mavericks. Launching it manually isn’t such a chore, but does irk me because Breeze is the only app that requires this; and I wind up typing a bunch of grave marks in the middle of whatever document I’m working on. Five stars anyway because the problem won’t affect most users and there’s no suitable alternative.

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Version 1.5.12
Review by RTC32

Doesn’t Work With Multiple Monitors - Saved states don’t include monitors. It doesn’t work at all with the only app I wanted it for, Adobe Acrobat Pro.

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