Boom2:Volume Boost & Equalizer

Developer: Global Delight Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Current Version: 1.6.2

Last Updated: 4 months ago

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"Boom remains a must-have utility for me on my Mac laptop, and its improvements make it all the better." - Serenity Caldwell, iMore

"It truly feels right at home on Apple’s new OS; almost like Apple designed it."- Owen Williams, The Next Web

Boom 2 is an award-winning pro audio app that completely transforms your audio. This premium version comes with free audio effects for an amazing audio experience. Designed only for OS X Yosemite and later, it self-calibrates itself according to the type of Mac for truly personalized and unique audio. Also, you get to control the features of Boom 2 and certain other Mac media players using your iPhone or iPad with a free iOS app called ‘Boom 2 Remote’, which can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store.

Instantly enhance and optimize the volume of your media files with Boom 2’s intelligent algorithm. It also recommends optimal levels for every file so that you get to enjoy music in both, audio and video files, immensely on your iPhone, iPod, MP3 Players, iPad and other devices.

The best part is that you also get to access Boom 2’s features from anywhere within your house or at work. The ‘Boom Remote’ can be installed on your iPhone and iPad to control Boom 2 and your Mac’s default volume level, Boom 2’s Equalizers and Effects. In addition, you can manage the playback controls of Spotify, VLC, QuickTime and iTunes! This is perfect for those looking to sit back, relax and enjoy their Mac’s media capabilities without making a move.

Boom 2 works its magic on all MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and iMac models. It is 64-bit compatible too, so that it runs with maximum efficiency! With a sporty interface and crisp graphics, Boom 2 is your daily companion for the best sounding audio!

In addition, with the help of an optional component, which works akin to the volume controls on your Mac, Boom 2 can effortlessly optimize any audio coming from your system on a system-wide basis with Equalizers and Audio Effects; for a crisper, clearer and a much better sounding experience.

SUPPORT: We welcome your reviews here. However, should you have any problem, please mail us at [email protected] as we'd love to work out and resolve any issue that you may have. Thank you.

NOTE: Boom 2 does not work when AirPlay and FaceTime is enabled/running on your Mac as there are several technical limitations.

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Release Notes:

- Boom 2 welcomes the new Mac OS and is fully compatible with it.
- Bug fixes and performance improvement.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.6
Review by philopod

The Best - Boom2 is really the best equalizer & sound enhancement for all media on my Macbook Pro. I’ve had it for a few years now, and it is the only app I have consistently start up automatically at login. It improves the sound quality and output of both the intenal and external speakers, and headphones. I can balance different sorts of music to just my optimum tastes, and it’s indispensible for movies and video where sound effects or music tend to muffle spoken dialog- I can keep the actors' voices to the fore. I have not experienced any software conflicts with it, and for all its power and responsiveness, it is a light consumer of systems resources. I can truthfully say it is the one app that has improved my Mac experience overall. Apple should be grateful that a 3rd party app has done them such a good turn.

Found helpful by 14 out of 14 people
Version 1.4.1
Review by jplanda

a nightmare, warning - wow, no one monitors this stuff or looks under the hood. Sure, it will work off the bat, but if your planning on doing anything else with your computers sound, you screwed up. I have found more issues with this than most software, and everyone looks the other way just because it sounds better. Be warned, its full of bugs and your better off getting awsome speakers or using some other method than messing up your operating system. I am a tec and have used this program extensively and have found it to be not worth the money or headache. Granted, the sound system on your hardware is poor from the manufacturing and design, but there has to be a better way! Warning……I have found that other speakers, of any nature, bluetooth, usb bowers and wilkins, will not work properly with this sound software. You will have to totally reinstall you OS to get it out. Clean my mac can not even get out all of the crap that this software leaves after uninstall. It is not clean, it is not bug proof, it is not worth it at all in the long run.

Found helpful by 94 out of 106 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.6.2
Review by DJ Nii

Holy grail of EQ's !!! - I got a pair of sennheiser headphones plugged into my macbook and thought that I was missing a couple frequencies and tones. Downloaded the app and The level of fidelity and truth to the sounds... words cannot describe. I then decided to plug in my pioneer DM40 studio monitors which I use for my personal computer opposed to my actual studio level monitros and the difference this EQ makes is unheard of. Its like an Eargasm!!!! Its all in the details... This coming from someone who has been Djing at clubs and mobile djing for years and heard probably some of the best sounding rooms venues and speakers. Dont sleep on this app. Its worth every penny.

Found helpful by 9 out of 11 people
Version 1.6.2
Review by Arathier

I’m Spoiled! - It is 6 October, 2017. Alexandre Desplat’s “The Luzhin Defence” was playing through my Mac speakers…without Boom enabled. I knew something was amiss – so I engaged the program and now I’m hearing previously hidden textures in the mix. Boom 2 is a bit more complex than its predecessor; but once you get the hang of it, it’s an easy go. A very large “thank you” to the developers of this app! Two thumbs up for Boom 2!

Found helpful by 3 out of 3 people
Version 1.6.2
Review by Duplizity

Doesn’t play nice with Bose QC35 - Overall I used to love Boom, but then I bought a pair of QC35 headphones, and the sound becomes horribly distorted every time I run Boom while using them.

Found helpful by 3 out of 3 people
Version 1.6.2
Review by bensai8

Will not work with... - It’s a nice EQ. But if you want to use it with external speakers through a USB audio interface, just don’t. I have a Behringer U-Phoria UMC 404HD and JBL monitors. It works, sounds great, and then something mysterious occurs and all output is silenced. I can select the internal speakers in system preferences and get sound again (with the application running), then re-select the USB interface and nothing. You have to run a script in Terminal to uninstall the program, which is a little peculiar for Mac, but no big deal. But here’s the rub: *My system still had no output through the audio interface, even after uninstalling the program and restarting the computer.* What the heck is going on? I screwed with it for a couple hours, plugged in a guitar: inputs & monitors, no prob, but still nothing from the computer. Finally I unplugged everything, thinking Boom2 had somehow destroyed my system. I let it sit for a week, plugged it in, and magically everything was back to normal. (Without Boom2) No idea how it magically fixed itself, I wanted to make sure that Boom2 that was indeed the cuplrit, so I reinstalled the application. As before, no problem with the internal speakers. I switched to the monitors / interface, and it worked fine. For a while. (Maybe an hour?) Then some fuzz and distortion (I forgot to mention that above) and all output ceased. I uninstalled again. No sound. Restarted. No sound. Unplugged the interface for an hour. No sound. Unplugged the interface for a week. Everything back to normal. I have no idea what this program is doing to my computer, but certainly don’t want to pay for it.

Found helpful by 3 out of 3 people
Version 1.6.2
Review by boom this

Horrible Interface - Installation damaged my MacBook hard drive, preventing the device from sending sound through desktop speakers. After 1 day trouble shooting by phone with Apple, it was determined the Boom 2 app caused the problem. Sound settings now allow only headphones. I’ve been waiting for technical support from Boom 2 to contact me for several days. Nothing. Don’t waste your money on this SCAM.

Found helpful by 2 out of 2 people