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Current Version: 2.3

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Blue Plum Home Inventory will help you make and maintain a home inventory for any property you own. It lets you organize your belongings in collections, rooms, locations and/or assign one or more tags to each one. It helps you add photos, videos, receipts, manuals, contracts and any other document related to your items.

Add all necessary information related to each inventory item: name, description, year, make, model, serial number, purchase price, annual depreciation rate, warranty etc. Add additional notes to each item (like heir designation or anything else that we haven't already included).
Assign items to your custom properties, rooms and collections. Add one or more tags to organize your items into multiple categories.

Add multiple photos, videos, manuals or other documents to each item. Display all documents in a photo album that lets you filter and organize by multiple criteria.

Keep a maintenance or upgrade journal. Log anything relevant to your property or item – furnace services, car services, property taxes paid etc.

Schedule one-time or recurring events related to each item. Optionally, add events to your Mac's notification center. Schedule annual maintenance tasks, tax due dates, warranty expiry etc. All scheduled events will show up on the application's dashboard.

Add and display more information related to your properties – property manager, Zillow ID and property link. Go to your Zillow's property page with a single click. Features like document management, journaling and events can let you use the Blue Plum Home Inventory application as a simple property management application.

Create multiple reports. Use location, room, collection and tag filtering to make reports that fit your needs. Create reports as PDF files that you can easily view, print, save or email directly from the application. Create Item List, Summary, Comprehensive, Warranty or Photo album reports. More report types will keep coming with regular updates.

All inventory information is kept on your local computer, but keeping your home inventory information off-site is always a good idea. The application lets you backup all your information to a single compressed file that can easily be stored to your cloud storage of choice (iCloud, Dropbox, OneDrive, …).

The application lets you create periodic value logs (usually on annual basis) for all your items that you have marked for tracking. Automatically apply suggested depreciation rates. See a history and display charts for your value logs.

• Remote data entry from our iOS app
• Name, description, serial number, make, model, year, warranty information, etc.
• Item's property location, room, collection and multiple tags.
• Purchase price, annual depreciation rate.
• Inventory item journals and events.
• Multiple photos, videos or any other type of electronic document assigned to any inventory item.
• Display item's location on a map (in case you hold multiple properties).
• Track item values, display value history in a chart – filter chart data by multiple criteria.
• Item values distribution chart – clearly see your most valuable items. Print or copy to a clipboard any of displayed charts.
• Dashboard overview of your inventory value, charts, property locations and upcoming events.
• Multiple reports (item list, summary, comprehensive, warranty, photo album).
• Easy to use and consistent user interface.


Release Notes:

Fixed reporting issues related to some InkJet printers


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 2.2
Review by TexAngie

This is a really great app - I had been looking for a good home inventory app and when I downloaded it, I was very pleased with it except for a few significant “lacks”. I said something to the Blue Plum team and wouldn’t you know it, they were right on it! They fixed everything I (and several other customers it seemed) thought needed to be changed as well as added a plus I did not think about but will love having. You keep going team, you are doing a great job and your customer support so far has been superb. I am definitely going to trust to put all of my inventory in this app…a very time consuming thing and therefore very important that you make it as easy as possible to do it…obviously what you are dedicated to do. Thank a lot!

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