Blinged JSON Validator

Developer: Natalie Podrazik

Current Version: 1.0.1

Last Updated: 4 years ago

Download Size: 1.4 MB - Download


Do you need to prove that a snippet of JSON is well-formed? Don't you want to track down problematic characters preventing a string's validation? Aren't you tired of apps made for developers that just don't have enough bling?

Well, look no further, because the Blinged JSON Validator meets all of your validation and digital geode needs!

Version 1.0 includes:
- Syntax highlighting
- Whitespace and leveled indentation, providing some much-needed breathing room around those pesky elements
- Insightful error messaging to help you get to the bottom of the funk in your JSON
- Hotkeys for quick text insertion
- Full functionality without requiring internet connection. That's right, folks! Impress your fellow airline passengers with some shiny, well-formed data.

Made by a developer who just HAD to have this on her desktop!


Release Notes:

Fixed a few validation edge cases; polished up some diamonds.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.0
Review by gduverger

It replaced JSONLint for me - I used to visit JSONLint (the website) very frequently. I liked its simplicity, its auto-formatting, and its speed. Then, I gave Blinged JSON Validator a try. I love that it is an actual app that I can launch even faster than I would load JSONLint. The 1st big plus of Blinged is that it shows me inline in my JSON where the error is when I try to validate. There are still a few things that I would tweak in the app, but that leads me to the 2nd big plus: Blinged JSON Validator has great support! I emailed Natalie (the engineer) directly; she got back to me and addressed all my points. Give it a try! Oh, and enjoyed the blings when it validates.

Found helpful by 5 out of 5 people
Version 1.0.1
Review by Starbuck0x2A

eh - It validates json, so yeah, it works. Honestly though, the “bling” looks horrible and makes it hard to look at and read. Also, when you have a parse error and validate, you can no longer press enter for a new line. And the paste button nukes your edit history, so an undo just clears out the box

Found helpful by 1 out of 2 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.0.1
Review by JessSheeptest

Validating JSON has never been so fun. - If this were a paid App, I’d seriously try to expense this as a productivity enhancer.

Found helpful by 2 out of 2 people
Version 1.0.1
Review by zachnfine

Exactly what I was looking for - It works! It’s free! And it reminds me of ‘Bejewelled’ when it validates JSON.

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people