Developer: BuBuCompany

Current Version: 1.0

Last Updated: 4 years ago

Download Size: 4 MB - Download


Set gemstone at top of tower.

When game start, woker move from side to side.
Touch of anywhere of screen then worker give to upstair worker gemstone.
If continuously success,you'll be able to SuperJump!

(Kind of Worker)
-Worker with wing : double speed running
-Worker with strong : throw 2 stairs, one at a time.
-Ninja : Caution teleport.

-SnowStorm : Wind blow to right. Because when throw gemstone,gemstone lean to the right.
-Earthquake : obstruct your field of vision

(Available resolution)
- 640X960
- 512X768
- 320X480

(Minimum Requirement)
- MAX OSX 10.6 or higher

보석을 탑 꼭대기까지 올려서 탑을 정화시키자!

게임이 시작되면 보석을 들고있는 일꾼이 좌우로 움직이기 시작합니다.
타이밍을 잘맞춰서 화면 아무곳이나 터치하시면, 보석을 위로 전달하게됩니다.
연속적으로 계속 전달하는경우 콤보가 성립되며, 10콤보가 채워지게되면,
보석은 슈퍼점프를하게되어 많은 층을 한꺼번에 오르게됩니다.

-일꾼위에 날개가 표시된경우 : 일꾼의 속도가 2배가 됩니다
-힘쎈일꾼(근육질) : 한꺼번에 2층 높이로 보석을 던지게됩니다.
-닌자 : 순간이동하는 닌자를 주의하세요.

-눈보라 : 눈보라발생시에는 바람이 오른쪽으로 강하게불기때문에 위층에있는일꾼보다
약간 왼쪽에 있을때 던지셔야합니다.
-지진 : 지진발생시에는 화면이흔들리고, 위에서 바위들이 떨어지기때문에 시야확보가 어려워집니다.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.0
Review by DylanBatesFilms

Danger: HIGHLY ADDICTIVE - Even though the english isn't that great on the app store it doesnt effect the game in any way :) Love the animations for this game, the idea, the graphic style and everything else about the game :D Graphics: 10/10 SFX and music 8/10 (Maybe make it adjstable in loudness) Game originality: 10/10 Thanks for making it free :D

Found helpful by 3 out of 3 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.0
Review by MisterMellow001

Good game, but ads kind of annoying - If you can ignore pop-up ads for the developer's other software products, I recommend the game—it's fun and rather challenging. The workers move from side to side, and you simply toss the gem to the next worker when he is directly above. It's not as easy as it seems once the pace picks up. Developer, if you intend to keep this game free, please make the ads less intrusive. At least don't have them pop up in front of the tower. Even though they don't block play, they are distracting enough to distrupt your concentration.

Found helpful by 2 out of 2 people
Version 1.0
Review by cr8s

Screen not big enough on 13" MacBook Pro - Careful… this is a pretty cool game, but I don't think it was designed for the desktop platform. On my Summer 2009 edition MacBook Pro, I can't see high enough on the screen to use the strong guys (about 25 floors from the start) without breaking the gem. This basically makes the game unplayable for more than three minutes or so. Oh, and the customer support website is entirely in Korean. But, since it's free, and it seems like a pretty cool game, I'll still give it four stars.

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people
Version 1.0
Review by B Tkatch

Pretty good - I'm playing this on the Mac. This is a one button game. It is easy to figure out. And when you get out, you can only blame yourself. You simply throw a gem higher, where the workers move from side to side. Some are slow, some are fast, some throw two-levels, some blink instead of move. Miss the guy on top of you, and the game is over. Do 8 in a row without lapping (that is, throwing it up at the first opportunity as opposed to missed it and going the next time around) and it zooms many levels. The number is identified with flags and sound. The game has cute, cheap graphics in black and white. The gem being thrown is purple, making it very easy to see. The game advertises other version and games for a few moments when starting the game. This is annoying as it covers part of the playing field. Also, while play is with the spacebar, the start button must be clicked with the mouse. So, playing multiple games means reaching for the mouse. A new game should pretty much be the same key. Overall, it's a fun simple, quick game.

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people