Bitdefender Virus Scanner

Developer: Bitdefender SRL

Current Version: 3.8

Last Updated: 6 months ago

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Essential security for your Mac!

Bitdefender Virus Scanner finds Mac malware as well as Windows viruses with ease. Virus Scanner will detect any infected files that you downloaded or got in your inbox, so your Mac will be safe and you won’t pass anything bad to your friends’ computer.

Grant Bitdefender Virus Scanner access to the locations on your computer that you want to scan against malware. Choose ‘Deep System Scan’ or ‘Scan Critical Locations’ to scan. The award-winning Bitdefender engines will find that piece of malware. For free!

Make sure your Mac is free of infected files. Don't put your friends and family at risk by unknowingly passing along malware.

- Detects both OS X malware and Windows viruses;
- Before a scan, it updates to detect the latest malware;
- Searches for malware even in archives and inside various types of files such as pdf, pkg, zip, rar, etc.;
- Critical locations scan - rapidly scans system areas that are prone to infections.
- Award-winning Bitdefender antivirus engines;

- Quarantines dangerous files;
- Deep system scan for all the locations the user has granted access to;
- Drag-and-drop scan of files or folders;
- Option to exclude files and folders from scan (i.e. Time Machine backups, etc.) 
- Easy-to-use interface.

- Due to sandboxing in the App Store, the app has access only to the locations that the user has explicitly granted access to. Grant access to the entire disk for increased protection;
- Disinfection limited by the privileges of the user running the app;
- Doesn’t scan programs stored in memory.


Release Notes:

Bug fixes

Plus all the great fixes from the previous version:
* better memory management
* improvement: added the option to restore from quarantine in a new location if the original path is no longer available
* 64bit application support
* performance improvements


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 2.18.4765
Review by eosorio70

Must Download! - I’ve been working in the IT world for over 20 years. Work wise I’m primarily Windows based but at home I am a Mac guy. Love Mac! I’ve never ever had a virus or any issues with Mac. Just a few weeks ago I was going crazy with Malware. I couldn’t even launch any browser without 2 to 5 other windows popping up with Malware. That has never happened to me before. I was shocked but it was the most annoying experience. The first thing I did was check the App store to see what free app I could use (even though i felt something free would not work). I was so wrong. I read one review about BitDefender and I had to try it. It worked!!! It deleted most of the Malware and the ones it could not, it showed me where it was located and requested for me to try to delete manually. I deleted a few that it could not and rescanned. When I rescanned it came up 100% clean. No more malware BS popups. Amazing App. This is why I will forever love Apple. Thank you, Thank you, thank you!!! I highly recommend this app! Thank you!

Found helpful by 151 out of 153 people
Version 2.21
Review by Chris86303

Junk app !! - I installed this app (the free one) and it worked but I couldn't find a way to uninstall it because I decided to purchase the paid version for the Mac. After I purchased the paid version I couldn't get the free one to uninstall even though it was stated in the paid version that there was an uninstaller supplied with the paid version. I learned the hard way that even though there is an uninstaller, it does NOT work (do a search, you will find many complaints). I installed the paid (full version) on my MacPro and it immediately started causing me problems. I tried using the uninstaller that was delivered with the .dmg installer. IT does NOT work. I tried and tried.. nothing. I did a search and found many many problems with this app in the forums. But the biggest complaint (and mine too) was that once it was installed you could not uninstall it. There were some suggestions from other forum users that if you ran the uninstaller (even though it did nothing) then rebooted your Mac and ran the uninstaller immediately again on restart it would uninstall.. NOT !! NONE of their uninstallers work, they run but do nothing, all files are there. AND you are cautioned to NOT just delete the app like you would a normal app because, according to them, there are files and folders and pieces of the AV app all over your computer that are not named BitDefender. I went to the web site and emailed support several times, giving them my license code (that I paid $50.00 for) and asked for instructions to uninstall this app because it was causing problems on my MacPro.. I have NEVER heard back from them. They will NOT reply. On the forums, where others were asking for help uninstalling the app (both the free one and paid app) they always got a reply to "send a Private Message" to them and they would reply with details on how to uninstall. This is their modus operandi, rather than just posting the solution to uninstalling the app they always had you send a PM through the forum which they never answered. Why would any company do this when so many people were asking (and asking to just post the solution, which they wouldn't) unless their product was junk. I have still never heard from them even after several attempts (through their website support page) to get them to answer / help me uninstall the app !! If you don't believe me, the install this app and then try to delete it.. You will be a believer !!!

Found helpful by 177 out of 216 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 3.8
Review by Dfom

Easy to install, use and VERY effective - I have used Bitdefender for years (Mac only). I am very impressed how Bitdefender has continually improved the ease of installation, updating and use. Very impressive how Bitdefender has reduced the virus deep scan time over the years. If you keep your OS updates current, regularly back ups using Time Machine, run adware and popup blockers in Safari, only download approved software from the App Store, and frequently update and run Bitdefender deep scans, you will significantly decrease your risk of malware exposure. There are no 100% full-proof security solutions, but conscientious and committed user security practices including Bitdefender come close.

Found helpful by 6 out of 6 people
Version 3.8
Review by Quirkyme

Customer Service is HORRIBLE - Purchased the product last year. Renewed this year on their website. Big mistake! They stopped my subscription, stating that I had disputed the charge with my bank (which I had not). Been going around and around with Bitdefender for over a month and they are unable to resolve the situation, so now I have disputed the charge. To add insult to injury I can’t uninstall this bleeping program from my laptop…. and am concerned it will interfere with another antivirus program.

Found helpful by 6 out of 7 people
Version 3.8
Review by Wizbang Trainer

Yes, it’s a virus scanner, but it’s not great at disenfection - Bitdefender is a very good virus scanner, it will disenfect your hard drive…BUT… don’t expect it to be able to work on a drive that is not formatted as an HFS drive. I have read reviews of people with windows NTFS drives who are of the opinion that they can connect that drive to their Mac for disinfection. It doesn’t work that way, #1 NTFS uses a different file structure so the OSX program doesn’t know where to put files on that drive to quarantine them because it is configured to work on an HFS drive. People download it on a computer after it is already infected and don’t understand why it won’t update…. Um because you have a virus that has disabled the updating. With either of these issues it’s the user issue with not keeping their system up to date with antivirus software and scanning the hard drive in full every week, with a daily quick scan. This is at a minimum, yes it is much more than most people are used to, but this is also a much differeent world than it was even 12 months ago. Social media bots, websites with malware, it’s all very invasive, and yes there is some malware that once you get it you might as well scrap your hard drive unless you really know how to degauss a hard drive (strong electro magnet that completely obliterates all data on the drive.

Found helpful by 5 out of 9 people
Version 3.8
Review by Sardar

Fails to Update Database - The virus definitions will not update in the newest version. The error is titled error 613. Fix it!

Found helpful by 5 out of 5 people
Version 3.8
Review by SnowLeopardAdvocate

Working but I have questions... - I have used it from 10.11 El Capitan and 10.9.5 Mavericks now and it appears to work. It doesn’t appear to take full advantage of hyperthreading available on the i7, but it does appear to take avantage of the 4 CPU Cores. It found a few Trojans in Mail files. It only allows one scan at a time (some products will allow multiple simultaneous scans). When I went to the support page to gather info on its requirements, I could find nothing more than exists here on the App Store. It runs as a 64-bit sandboxed app according to the Activity Monitor. The peak i7 CPU utilizaiton I saw on Activity Monitor was 105% and 25 threads. There is no comparison or review of this compared to other offerings that I could find so the most I can say about it is that it appears to work. Without third party industry reviews and with the many different marketing offerings from a vendor one just isn’t sure what they are purchasing. The reviews on Virus protection software are very important as users don’t want to infect their machines. AV-TEST, AV-Comparatives, Tom’s Hardware, Simon Edwards Labs, Virus Bulletin, PC Mag, MacWorld, and MRG-Effitas all are sources of reviews, but I couldn’t find, for example, a review comparing all the products offered by BitDefender. Additonally some of these only focus on the PC Windows platform. My star rating is based on my experience alone. The ability to run on older systems (e.g. 10.7) is a plus, as is having Bitdefender as the vendor since Bitdefender has product that is very highly rated and thoroughly reviewed. This may not be relevant if this product isn’t using the same virus software and and technologies and virus lists. The fact that it runs as a 64-bit sandboxed app is a plus. Another plus is that I had zero problems running it. A lack of a dedicated support page for this product is a negative. The lack of reputable third party reviews on that page is a negative too. The best I can do is a 3 Star review with the info I was able to roundup.

Found helpful by 5 out of 6 people