BitMedic AntiVirus - Malware & Adware Security

Developer: Pocket Bits LLC

Current Version: 2.2

Last Updated: 6 months ago

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■ #1 Secure Real-time AntiVirus & Adware App by USA based company. Tested & certified.
■ Virus & adware database updated multiple times per day. 24/7 real-time protection!
■ OPSWAT Certified Product! Awarded Best New AntiVirus App!

"This has been the most effective AntiVirus Software app I’ve purchased. It does what it says, as I did however had a trojan and it got rid of it as soon as I ran it."

"I made the mistake of downloading MacKeeper and wasn't able to get rid of it until I ran the adware scanner on this app!"

BitMedic® User Guide -
OPSWAT Certified Product -

MacOS is considered one of the most secure operating systems available. But as popularity increases, they get targeted more by hackers and malware. Protect your Mac and protect your sensitive information. New threats target not only your Mac security, but your personal information and identity.

BitMedic® AntiVirus - Malware & Adware Security was designed specifically for the Mac and offers a full suite of protection. BitMedic® gives you simple 3-step protection to give you the utmost security and keep your Mac safe from attacks.

≈ 3 Step AntiVirus Protection ≈
◎ Full Mac Scan - Quick Scan & Deep Scan
◎ Custom Scan - Drag & Drop File Scanner
◎ Health Monitor - 24/7 Real-time Protection

The Full Mac Scan offers 2 options. Quick Scan will quickly scan the most critical locations of your Mac. Our proprietary algorithm makes this a painless and quick process, allowing you to conveniently scan your Mac more frequently. For maximum protection, deep scan will check every critical location for potential threats. Custom Scan supports drag & drop for ease of use. Health Monitor gives 24/7 real-time protection, scanning every change to the folders being monitored.

≈ 3 Step Adware Protection ≈
◎ Adware Scanner! Good-bye pop-up adware scams!
◎ Remove adware browser add-ons that hijack your navigation.
◎ Reset your web browsers to default settings

BitMedic® also offers Adware protection! Scan your Mac to remove adware. Advanced settings allow users to remove adware browser extensions and add-ons. You can also reset your web browser back to its default settings. Know that Adware and Malware are different! You'll need to use "Adware Scan" for Adware and Quick/Deep scan for Malware.

≈ Features ≈
◎ Adware scanner
◎ High Performance Multi-threaded Virus Scanner
◎ Virus database automatic background updates
◎ 24/7 Real-time protection
◎ Optimized for performance
◎ Works silently in the background
◎ Supports all mail, archive, executable, and document files
◎ Multiple scanning options
◎ Exclude files/disks/folders to speed up scanning
◎ 1-click removal to send to quarantine or trash
◎ Easily schedule scans
◎ Drag & drop support

*Compare to competing AntiVirus apps that will FAIL to detect the basic EICAR (European Institute for Computer AntiVirus Research) Standard AntiVirus Test File. It is safe to pass around because it is not a virus and does not include any fragments of viral code. Learn more on Wikipedia.

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For any questions, suggestions, or bugs, please email us at [email protected] We want to hear your thoughts and make improvements to future versions of this app to bring you the best.

BitMedic® is a registered trademark of Pocket Bits LLC.


Release Notes:

■■■ Works on macOS Sierra! OS 10.12.X ■■■


Thank you for making BitMedic® the #1 AntiVirus Mac App in multiple countries! Version 2.2 has more goodies to help protect your Mac.

Be sure to check out the new adware scanner from the last Version 2.0 with the latest adware signatures to help remove all adware from your system! Version 2.2 has more adware optimization. Remember to clear your browser extensions from the preferences for Adware scanning.

We've fixed some silly typos and also looked under the hood to improve our scanning algorithm even more. We've optimized our deep scan to be twice as fast and added background seamless updates.

≈ 3 Step Adware Protection ≈
◎ Adware Scanner! Good-bye pop-up adware scams!
◎ Remove adware browser add-ons that hijack your navigation.
◎ Reset your web browsers to default settings

≈ Extra Goodies ≈
◎ Adware optimization
◎ Background signature updating
◎ Improved deep scan speed
◎ Minor bug fixes
◎ Health Monitor save state added
◎ Fixed "incomplete" typo when "complete"
◎ Lots of other free goodies

For any questions, suggestions, or bugs, please email us at [email protected] We cannot respond directly to user reviews, so we encourage you to email us directly for the fastest response. We want to hear your thoughts and make improvements to future versions of this app to keep you happy. We plan to make active updates powered by your love and support! Every bit helps! :)

COMMON QUESTIONS: Please note that our Quick/Deep Scan is for Viruses. You'll need to use "Adware Scan" to scan for Adware (Remember to clear your browser extensions from the preferences for Adware scanning). Viruses and Adware are NOT the same thing. Two very different beasts that require two different scans! Please see our support page for more info.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 2.2
Review by Dr. Chuckster

Great App!! - It is all I could ask for and you are talking about a person who has been using PCs since back in the Peter Norton virus protection days and the days that were before the internet when we only had computer BBS (Buliten Board Systems) to keep in contact. This has kept me safe and also allows me to check a USB drive that someone gives me before I open it! Thanks for a great product.

Found helpful by 22 out of 48 people
Version 2.0
Review by PekkaWarrior

Pathetic!!! Total fail!!! - 1. Adware scan is fake. My HDD is 512GB size. The adware scan took less than 25 sec which is completely not possible. Adware is still in my Mac showing ads on Safari. 2. Review beggar. The developer is begging for reviews. After every scan a annoying window begging for reviews is displayed. Completely waste of money.

Found helpful by 22 out of 25 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 2.2
Review by Skavarotti

Useful app - This application will be useful for quiet work on Mac. Everything is simple and clear, and not intrusive.

Found helpful by 9 out of 22 people
Version 2.2
Review by andreschubb

no no no way - worst spent 29.99$. as been reported by other customers the app is crashing under sierra when I try to scan an external drive. till now there are no updates to solve this problem.

Found helpful by 9 out of 9 people
Version 2.2
Review by mw540

Good, but not as exhaustive as I hoped for. - I purchased this app to help remove some very annoying popup Adware windows/tabs that I was experiencing. The app was very fast and scanning my system and found one suspect file and removed it. After rebooting my computer, the problem still persisted. Upon scanning again, the app reported no found files but the issue persisted. I’m not sure which adware it removed, but it did not remove the TopDeal / Deal Top adware that was on my computer. If you have the TopDeal / Deal Top adware, search for those terms in the Apple Support Community and you’ll find some manual instructions on how to remove it. The only reason I’m rating the app a 3 instead of a 4 or 5 is because it didn’t fully resolve my issue. Granted, it must be challenging to stay on top of all of the adware variations out there and update your app, but that’s the category this app is in. I’ll keep it installed and will check for updates. Again, if you have the TopDeal adware, this app in it’s current version won’t remove it. But your milage mary vary on other issues so it’s probably worth the $1.99.

Found helpful by 6 out of 13 people
Version 2.2
Review by freddyk10

Keep freezing - Installed this app 3 days ago. Now my iMac is slow and unresponsive. I can not use it anymore. When I want to scan my iMac the app is consuming all my memory.

Found helpful by 6 out of 7 people
Version 2.2
Review by old.mac.user.1971

Does not work - It is not working against adware which took control of my Safari browser. Bought it and I still have the problems….

Found helpful by 6 out of 7 people