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Developer: Manderim

Current Version: 1.3

Last Updated: 2 years ago

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Ever wanted to know what the two's complement of 1 Googol is written as a hexadecimal number? Or do you need a quick ASCII table? Bit Fiddle can help you!

- Convert artibtrary large decimal, hexadecimal or binary numbers or ASCII characters.
- Compute the 1's complement or the 2's complement.
- Alter the byte order of the input to convert between Little and Big Endian.
- View a simple ASCII table with additional information for each character.

All in a compact interface which immediately shows you all needed values just one click or keystroke away.

The conversion results are displayed in different numeral systems and with the most common integer sizes: 8, 16, 32, 64 and n bits. The n-variant uses as many bytes needed to store the unsigned representation of the entered number.

You can enter any integer number formatted in any way you like: All characters not part of an integer will automatically be omitted. Following are the digits which will be parsed:

- Decimal digits: 0123456789
- Hexadeciaml digits: 0123456789abcdef as well as ABCDEF
- Binary digits: 01 as well as the letters oiOI and L
- ASCII characters: The input encoding is UTF-8 but only the printable characters of 7-bit ASCII are visible in the output. All other characters are presented as a question mark.

The endianness conversion automatically swaps the bytes of any input and will produce output based on that converted number. Do not use this flag unless you know it is exactly what you need!

Note that converting very, very, very large numbers will take a considerable amount of time.


Release Notes:

- Refined User Interface
- Mini version.
- Stay in foreground if requested.
- Internal improvements


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.2.2
Review by SchwanSongs

feature-rich and straight-forward - Handles 64-bit (long long) values (or bigger) and will convert between Decimal, Hexadecimal, Binary, and ASCII, exactly what I wanted in my little programmer’s toolbox (instead of figuring out how to get the LLVM debugger to show it to me :-) Pro: Easy to use, and seems to be a solid program, no crashes, calculates flawlessly, and “does the right thing” when you start entering characters or digits in the other fields. The ASCII chart is a nice bonus too. Con: (It is hard to offer critiques for a free app!) The user interface is a little crowded, and the separate areas (Dec/Hex/Bin…) are not visually grouped/separated clearly. Also the label text is a bit small given our larger monitors these days. Though I got used to it right away, I would probably re-arrange the window a bit and perhaps make it wider and a little shorter so it fits under my Xcode debugging window better. Overall, very good, thank you for this great utility!

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