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Developer: Information Humanities Inc.

Current Version: 1.4.10

Last Updated: 3 years ago

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The award winning Glo Bible now available for Mac! Glo Premium purchase includes Mac, PC, iPad & iPhone!

** Winner, 2010 Bible of the Year, ECPA **
** Winner, 2010 Media of the Year, Christian Resource Awards **

Glo is an interactive Bible that brings the text of Scripture to life through HD videos, high-resolution images, articles, 360-degree virtual tours, and much more. Glo Premium for Mac includes all 6 browsing lenses: Bible, Atlas, Timeline, Topical, MyGlo and Media to find what you need when you need it.

In the zoomable Bible lens it takes just taps 2 taps to access any chapter of the Bible. Each verse is linked to resources and media. See the places you've read about with the interactive zoomable atlas, or find events in the zoomable timeline. The topical lens can help you find just what you're looking for with hundreds of historical topics, or topics that relate the Bible to your every day life. And tie it all together with MyGlo, a lens that contains your journal and customizable reading plans.

Key features of Glo Premium:

* 6 lenses: Bible, Atlas, Timeline, Topical, MyGlo and Media
* Full offline access to the Bestselling NIV translation, the KJV, ESV and the Message.
* 450+ virtual tours
* 2,300+ photos
* 7,500+ articles
* 650+ works of art
* 140+ maps
* NIV study notes
* the full 3.5+ hour interactive documentary on the life of Jesus.
* My Journal
* Lens Filtering
* Bookmarks
* Verse notes & highlight syncing across devices
* Customizable Bible Reading plans

Plus, you can install on Mac, PC, iPad and iPhone, and access the full Premium media!

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Glo in the Press
Glo has been featured in the Washington Post, Mashable, Newsweek, the Guardian, Miami Herald, Orlando Sentinel, Charisma magazine, Denver Post, ABCNews Now and more!
"Glo…is cool with a capital C." - Newsweek
"The ability to have context and visualization of concepts at your fingertips is something that nearly any textbook could benefit from." - Mashable
"Glo Bible spreads word (and HD video) of God to digital generation" - The Guardian
"[Glo is] bring[ing] religion to digital generation.” - Telegraph, UK
"just about anything that you would need from research tools to audio-visual aids is right at your fingertip when you use Glo." - Max Lucado
"Glo digital Bible designed to reach a younger generation" - Washington Post
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Visit the places you've read about. Explore the World of the Bible. Experience the Bible like never before.

Existing Glo users: You do not need to re-purchase Glo Premium. Visit for details.


Release Notes:

- Bug Fixes
- OS X 10.9 compatibility fixes
- Fixed Facebook and Twitter authentication issues


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.4.5
Review by REBEKAH68

To quote Pastor David Jeremiah…"GOD LOVES YOU, HE ALWAYS HAS AND HE ALWAYS WILL" - The Bible Glo deserves 10 stars as it is the most valuable Bible format I have used. The photographs, artwork and maps brings the Bible so ALIVE. Having all the visual resources assists me to imagine to the best of my capacity to really experience the Gospel. Being able to use this Bible Glo app with not only my MacBook Pro but as well with my other devices and the significance of not only being able to travel anywhere and have your Bible tucked away safe where ever I go, but because of its capability to sync with all my mobile devices keeps me focused and on tract. WAY TO GO BIBLE GLO!!!

Found helpful by 10 out of 12 people
Version 1.4.10
Review by DoeJoe

Force Fed - I’ve tried for a year to like this Bible but this is a heavily biased application towards one particular faith. Upon study it pays credit to locations, documentation, theology etc that are not technically accurate, but traditional and based on one particular faith. It then discredits other locations, documentation and theological material even thou they are more technically accurate. Read the foot notes of the garden tomb then read the foot notes holy sepulcher for one example. Bible states Christ Tomb was outside the Gate and wall. This would make the Garden Tomb a more viable location. Yet this app states the traditional holy sepulcher ( located inside the wall ) as accurate and the Garden Tomb is not. There is a consistant bias throughout this app. Not useful for an honest unbiased theological study. Its a fanciful app. Attractive to the eye. Impressive on the surface but disingenuous in content. Lots of milk and no meat. P.S. Recently, the foot note has been changed to be even more disingenuous. Stating it was once outside the wall. Having surveyed and visited this site many times the church of the holy sepulcher is in the heart of Hadrian’s city and well within the Old City walls which were built by Sultan Suleyman in 1538. Everyone should research this themselves using a separate source. There are far more accurate and Biblical applications available. This one is misleading on many fronts.

Found helpful by 16 out of 29 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.4.10
Review by runstrong77

Gives beautiful, well-designed, powerful, fast access to the World of the Bible - I’m puzzled by the negative reviews. Their strident tone makes me suspicious of their motives. My own experience with this app is 100% positive, based on dozens of hours spent using the first module, which gives splendid, nearly breath-taking access to the Bible itself. I find the beauty, design, and functioning of the app to be far superior to any other bible app, and I have purchased and used at least a dozen of them. Since finding Bible Glo Premium, it have made it my “go to” app for the text of the Bible and for the excellent accompanying notes. It offers five English translations of the Bible. My personal preference is for the NIV version and notes. I consider this app a particular treasure which I heartily recommend to anyone who wants to experience the beauty and power of the Bible. This app delivers better than any other app I know.

Found helpful by 9 out of 10 people
Version 1.4.10
Review by Reviser366

Would be great if it actually worked - This is an amazing app if it actually worked and the IT department actually cared that it crashes upon startup each and every time. You can only use it offline mode which means that many of the features are not usable. I have submitted several service requests but they don’t seem to have any interest in fixing it. Really sad. For now stay away from this app and look elswhere.

Found helpful by 5 out of 5 people
Version 1.4.10
Review by Don Duplessis jr 32

Worth every dollar. - The Glo bible software is not only immersive and captivating it is visually accurate to the word of God in it’s entirety.

Found helpful by 5 out of 5 people
Version 1.4.10
Review by Clay Alchemist

Not great - I've been a long time iPad user, and I only use this app occasionally on the Mac now. I'm disappointed that it doesn't even have the option to display in night mode on the desktop, as there is the option on the iPad. STILL, after many updates, the bug where it shows highlighting in odd places when switching between translations has not been fixed. You have to be in the translation that you highlighted in to see correct highlight locations. In addition, if we paid full price for the app, it would be nice to have a full app on the iPad. Ridiculous that it's not ported completely over. There is no reason for this.

Found helpful by 4 out of 7 people
Version 1.4.10
Review by mlgant

Fantastic yet disheartening... - I've been using Glo Bible since 2011 and think it is a fantastic application! It is arguably one of the best Bible applications of its kind out there! But I'm very disheartened by the lack of OS X support, and that disappointment continues to grow… I would love nothing more than to give Glo Bible 5 stars (which it truly deserves). But the fact remains that the OS X version of this application has not been updated in roughly a year 1/2, and is prone to frequent crashing (especially when attempting to sync journal notes and bookmarks). Syncing performance was poor in later releases of OS X Mavericks, and since the release of OS X Yosemite, repeat crashing due to syncing issues essentially renders this application useless. With the release of OS X El Capitan drawing closer, and no news (at this point and time) from the developer signaling support for it, I would encourage you to wait a bit longer for a possible update, or purchase the IOS version which works fine. Otherwise (dare I say it) consider an alternative. But I really hope an update is forthcoming, because this really is an awesome application (when it works).

Found helpful by 4 out of 4 people