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Fokus allows you to concentrate on a single application by intelligently dimming other applications out of the way. Key Features: • Boosts productivity and reduces eye strain • Supports multiple monitors • Customize brightness, tint c

You can get more information for Dioretsa in my site. Dioretsa is a pdf viewer that manages pdf files with tabs (Tabbed PDF Viewer). Basic Functions When you click a tab, Dioretsa shows contents of PDF document corresponding to the tab. If you sele

Snapshots that never leave your sight (until closed), complete with annotations, simple URL sharing or encrypted with self destruct - everything neatly organised in your library and synced across your devices. “I use it all the time, especial

Never forget anything ever again! Stay on top of important ideas and tasks by storing them conveniently as text reminders in your menu bar. Reminders can be stored locally or in iCloud. When stored in iCloud reminders will then be accessible from o

iText Pro is a cute, intuitive, and refined yet flexible text editor with word processing. iText Pro is iText Express with many more nicely enhanced features. This is what adds to its flexibility and compatibility. iText Pro follows the original si

*** Discounted 80% for a limited time. *** *** Apple’s pick for “Get Productive”. *** *** Apple’s pick for “Invaluable Utilities”. *** Every time you move a content from one app to the other, compare data side by

Clipboard Center is an easy-to-use and powerful clipboard manager. Through a history, lists and a flexible interface, this app allows you to copy and paste texts, images and files in the most efficient way. • Capture the Clipboard Every texts,

“Kiritori” is a simple screen capture tool. “Kiritori” can capture your screen and display it in front of desktop. “Kiritori” means “Cut” in Japanese. * Capture You can use the same as OSX native in

Onde Screen rulers, highly configurable screen measuring utility with many intuitive features, enable you to measure objects quickly and precisely on your Mac screen in Pixels, Inches, Picas, Centimeters and multiple customizable units according to

With coucou you have every device on your network at your finger tips. Need to share some files, or a screen? Want to manage a printer via its web interface? Maybe even check out that website your colleague is working on. Coucou makes it super easy

Popup Window

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Number 1 Utilities App^ Popup Window is a folder system designed to keep your files tidy and orderly. Stick your folders on the edges of your screen. They will pop up when you tap the tab. Unclutter your screen, keep your folders and your files tidy

Remind is a simple menu bar application that allows you to easily set a timer that will generate a popup window with whatever message you desire. Whether you want to sit up straight, give your eyes a rest or stay hydrated Remind is the perfect app to

Text Writer — a light, quick but fully functional word processor. Design, edit and create gorgeous documents in minutes with the all-new Text Writer word processor. You can take nearly no effort to download the app and it features a stunning

Move freely across your virtual desktops (spaces) using the position of your mouse. When your mouse reaches the edge of your screen - left/right, the previous/next desktop will appear. Keyboard shortcuts for "Move left a space" and "Move right a spa

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Ranked Top 1 Free Productivity application in Mac App store! ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Sparkbox helps you to manage images for your design. Unlike iPhoto, Sparkbox is designed to look after the

11/14/2014 Version 5 is now updated to work with Yosemite. Works with iCal and Googl Calendar (via iCal). Big Event Reminder is going to be your BEST new assistant to make sure you do not miss any more important events. It will remind you of import

Mindix offers a very simple, clean and organized environment to capture ideas and take notes while conducting brainstorming sessions. Mindix allows you to create text and image entries and make connections between them to express ideas and concepts

★ Over 125 OS X Lion topics with step-by-step instruction ★ Learn Mac OS X step-by-step! If you just purchased your first Mac or you want to learn all that Mac OS X Lion has to offer, this app is for you! This comprehensive app contains

The easiest Pomodoro productivity app in the Mac Store! Easy Pomodoro will help you become focused and productive again. Break down large tasks into manageable chunks and work on them separately. Then take small breaks. Features: ✔ Easy t

Tab Browser is the quick and easy way to always have an eye on the website that matters to you the most! Sitting in your Mac's menu bar, your favorite website is never more than one click away! Best of all: It is completely customizable! Features: