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Current Version: 9.52

Last Updated: 10 months ago

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Better Rename 9 is the most complete renaming solution available on the market today. That’s why, since 1996, tens of thousands of hobbyists, professionals and businesses depend on Better Rename to organize and maintain files.

Better Rename's user interface supports complex renaming tasks without sacrificing ease and speed of use. Simply drag the files you want to rename straight from the Finder into the large preview table or the application icon.. or use our Finder context menu and hot key.


The Instant Preview feature eliminates guesswork and costly errors and helps you find the right settings quickly and accurately by providing as-you-type feedback.


Better Rename offers a complete set of renaming actions that are organized into 15 categories covering all the text, character, position, conversion and truncation features that you would expect, but it does not stop there.


Photographers use the advanced sequence number and date & time features to clean up their portfolios or prepare photos for delivery to their client. Better Rename knows how to extract EXIF shooting date and time information from digital camera images and exploit them in creating sequence numbers or adding time and date information to the file name. Support for all major RAW formats (including JPEG, CRW, CR2, THM, NEF, TIFF, RAJ, ORF , MRW, DNG, PEF, SRF, etc.) extends this to professional photographers. Even multiple shots captured in the same second are dealt with reliably.

Version 9 adds powerful tag-based renaming allowing access to image, color, camera, lens and other meta-data. In addition it is now possible to manually reorder sequence numbers directly by dragging and dropping files in the preview.


System administrators, web masters and other power users will appreciate the presence of advanced features, such as regular expression support, conversion to Windows NTFS/SMB compatible names, the ability to import file names from a database, a spreadsheet or any other source that can produce plain or tab-delimited text files. The ability to save a record of the current and new file names greatly facilitates tracking your files.


Music lovers can use the built-in MP3/AAC support to exploit the ID3 meta-data tags embedded in most music files to create their own naming schemes for their music collection. Meta-data information from MP3, AAC, FLAC, OGG, APE, M4V and iTunes music store files are supported.


The multi-step renaming feature allows multiple renaming steps to be combined to deal with complex renaming jobs in a single operation. Unlike other tools, Better Rename allows any number of renaming actions to be combined, re-ordered, copied and deleted.


Better Rename takes file renaming to a new level of sophistication by introducing an advanced 64-bit multi-threaded renaming engine that solves many problems that other file renamers simply leave unaddressed. The database-backed renaming engine automatically resolves file name conflicts using a range of configurable parameters and prevents deadlocks. We care about such things so that you don't have to.


"Arguably the best file renaming utility on the market" - Mac OS X Power Tools

"Man! This is such a great renaming tool. It is really, really well put together." - Mac Break Weekly, 2010


Release Notes:

- minor bug fixes


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 8.85
Review by AZOGG

This is an incredible program! - This is an incredible program! I was faced with renaming 2,000 photo file names for a legal action with only two days to do it. I searched and there was no way to really do it using iPhoto or Appature, or even Automator. Then I found this program. It does EXACTLY what it claims it can do, FAST (2,000 photos renamed in about 1 minute) and OPTIONS, OPTIONS, OPTIONS for the rename, date, in front of the file name, behind it, many options. Beautiful interface. No crashing. What a bargain at $20! Thank you so much - it would have taken me a week to do it by hand. A 10 out of 10!

Found helpful by 8 out of 12 people
Version 8.90
Review by quiteQuacky

For music files… DREADFUL - I was looking for a Lion-friendly replacement for MediaRage to rename mostly MP3 files using ID3 tag info, and was drawn to this by all the rave reviews. But…. seriously? I can only speak about music renaming part, which is all I ever expect to use it for…. After fumbling through the clunky and opaque interface I am appalled that this is VERSION 8 of this software and it appears that no actual (non-programmer-type) users were consulted about this. Memorize an arcane list of HTML-type tags that can only be found in Help in order to create conversion expressions? INSANE! No ability to save presets within the program once you've pieced together an expression (like one for single disc, single artist albums; one for multi-disc, multi-artist compilations; etc.). RIDICULOUS! And I paid $20 for this?!? Then there was the unintuitive process of figuring out which boxes to check or uncheck so my files would actually show up in the list, and then after crashing the program a couple of times, actually getting them to convert. DISASTER. In the end, it did the job… but I will probably end up returning to MediaRage if it comes to Lion. This software was designed by probably very smart programmers with absolutely ZERO clue about how regular people think. C'mon people, this software is for Mac! You know... the computer Steve Jobs & co. created for the "rest of us"?

Found helpful by 15 out of 30 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 9.52
Review by LEMONerd

Doesn’t work on El Capitan - and it can’t read tags from FLAC files.

Found helpful by 4 out of 10 people
Version 9.52
Review by CD Wyte

Now worthless. Does not open at all in El Capitan - Following is my original 5 star rating. But, the app has totally ceased to function since el Capitan and still does not work now, May of 2016. So, after 30+ years, I’ve moved from Windows to Apple. The prospects of Windows 8 plus my last two years experience with iPhones drove me to it. But, my new Macbook Pro won’t show me date taken or a lot of other Exif metadata from my thousands of photos and it does not allow me to easily rename batches of photos. I have filed my photos by "date taken/subject/id#” for ages. What can I do? Thankfully I found Better Rename v.9. It does it all exactly the way I need it, quickly and easily. Okay, if you are an OSx newbie like me, there were a few problems. Nothing worked. Select 500 photos in a folder, set up the app to rename them, and, BAM, I am asked to re-enter my administrator/usesr password for each and every one of the photos! This is Mavericks doing this, not the app. So, I close the app and go to the folder level, unlock it, change the permissions to let everyone read and write and tell it to apply this to “enclosed items”. Doesn’t work. Tried selecting all the photos and changing their permissions ala Windows. Won’t let me. Won’t let me unlock them without entering my password for each one. Finally, I found that, while Mavericks doesn’t tell me its doing it, it was apparently making the changes I selected, silently and secretly, in the background. Once I found that Mavericks may be doing things slowly and without telling me, I realized that Better Rename was doing exactly what it claims to do and doing it well. I have now changed thousands of names with no further problems and have no worries about the thousands left to do. Now, I just have to find the right app to see ALL the Exif metadata and to change or delete it for pics I may want to make public. There seem to be more faked apps in those categories than there are reliable ones. But, after many nights of working with my photos, I find Better Rename to be just great.

Found helpful by 2 out of 4 people
Version 9.52
Review by Padupple

As good as a utiliy gets! - I’ve used this app for several years and I don’t know what I would do without it. It woudl require me to go to tedious terminal commnds or lengthy playing around with other, less-helpful apps. The developers seem to have thought out all the possible needs for renaming. The advanced feature and ability to produce a series of steps makes it virtually perfect for any need. I use this for a my website files, extensive photo files, and graphics projects, as well as my documents. Many users don’t realize the power of having good files names. It isn’t just immediately convenient for viewing, but it amps up the power of Spotlight searches, or any other find utlitites. And it contributes to my mental health...

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people
Version 9.52
Review by 48 user since 1989

Long time user, essential tool - I am a long time user of A Better File Renamer. I use this to manage imported and scanned photos, and MP3 files. Once you get used to the workflow, you’ll find it essential.

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people
Version 9.52
Review by Atari Gothica

TOP NOTCH! - After I worked with it for a while and compared it to others. It rocks.

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people