Best Emulation Lite

Developer: Carnation Software

Current Version: 1.3

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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Terminal Emulation

BestEmulation Lite emulates DEC VT100 and VT220 terminals. Supports ANSI and SCO ANSI color.

BestEmulation Lite allows a Macintosh to be used as a terminal – connected to a host computer with a serial connection or by modem. The emulators support video attributes such as dim, reverse, underline, 132-column modes and graphic characters sent from the host computer. Features include phone list and dialer for modems, on-screen programmable function keys, connection scripts and more.


1. Modem
2. Serial ports via USB to Serial adaptor

Scroll Back

You can scroll back to the past 40 pages of data. BestEmulation remembers the last 40 pages that appear on your screen, regardless of whether the data has scrolled across the screen or the screen has cleared. Video attributes such as inverse and underline are also saved, including colors. This means that you can use the scroll bar to scroll back to previous screens to look at the data or print a scrolled-back page or copy a selection into the clipboard.

AppleScript Support

BestEmulation Lite supports AppleScript commands. Many functions can be controlled by a script (such as transferring data to and from the host, sending commands to the host and messages to the BestEmulation user). Scripts compiled as applications can be run from "Run AppleScript" under the Special Menu. For instance, you can write a script to transfer data from the host to a file on your Macintosh and then tell another application to open that file.

File Transfers


Other Features
Multiple-session support for up to ten windows.
Transparent windows. Transparency is adjustable by the user.
On-screen text can be copied into the clipboard as an object or as editable text.
Clipboard can be pasted back to the host computer.
Programmable function keys.
Large font option for easier reading.
Host menu item selection by mouse-click on screen
Connection scripts automate the login process.
Page forward/back capability
Supports ANSI color.
Capture text and save to a file.
Send a text file to the host.
Secure settings for company managers to prevent users from making changes.
AppleScript support - over thirty AppleScript commands available to use.
Aux printing prints host data to your printer
Print direct to your Printer using PCL commands sent from your host
Supports Full Screen mode in Lion


Release Notes:

Fix - Clear screen for VT100 / VT220 when top and bottom margins are set was clearing the whole screen and should only clear the area within the margins.

Fix - Support ESC c to clear margins

Fix - VT100 / VT220 scrollback fix when top and bottom margins are set .