Developer: Kent Place Software Limited

Current Version: 2.1.3

Last Updated: 2 years ago

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* Helping you be a better brewer.

We've all been there. Starting out with a pen, paper and calculator. Maybe you've downloaded a spreadsheet that you use. Wouldn't it be better to have an app that does all that and keeps all your recipes in one place, neatly organized? An app that synchronizes with your iDevices and other Macs?

BeerAlchemy is that app.

It's not just for recipes though, it keeps track of your ingredients and orders and can even suggest which of your recipes you could brew today.

* Makes Recipe Creation Easy

BeerAlchemy supports extract and all grain brewing (using fly, batch and BIAB sparge methods). Brews are organized as batches under their parent recipe and can then be further arranged into folders.

* Extensive Ingredients Database

BeerAlchemy’s extensive built databases of ingredients from around the world means you have the building blocks you need to design great recipes.

* Inventory Management

Keep on top of your supplies with BeerAlchemy's inventory. Thoroughly integrated into the app, BeerAlchemy can fit your brews to the ingredients you have in your inventory (for example by adjusting bittering hop additions to reflect the alphas of hops you have).

* Plays Well With Others

BeerAlchemy can import and export Promash and BeerXML files.

* Units

Use metric or imperial units freely within the app and BeerAlchemy will automatically convert the value to your chosen unit system.

* Sync

BeerAlchemy can sync by Wi-Fi with other Macs and also with your iDevices (requires BeerAlchemy for Mac 2.0 or later on the Macs and BeerAlchemy Touch 2.0 or later on the iDevices).

* Go Shopping

Create orders for missing ingredients on your Mac with BeerAlchemy for Mac and sync the shopping lists to your iOS device to take with you to the store. Mark as delivered and the ingredients get added automatically to the inventory.


Release Notes:

- Add printing support to Inventory.
- Improve handling of sugars.
- Fix error in BJCP2015 Style 4C.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 2.0.22
Review by Kewger

Better than BeerSmith on the Mac - I am a big fan of both this program and BeerSmith, in fact for the first several years that I used brewing software I used BeerSmith. I have firmly switched to Beer Alchemy, even though it is not as feature-rich as BeerSmith. Why? Despite not having as many features Beer Alchemy has all of the features I use regularly, recipie editing, inventory management, and calculators. It has what I need and isnt bogged down with a bunch of other features I don’t need. Also, BeerSmith has a design scheme that is for those people who wax nostalgic about mid-90s Windows programs. I’m ready for something cleaner-looking and easier to use. The UI of Beer Alchemy is easily the key thing that keeps me using it. There are some areas for improvement: mainly cloud sync instead of just wifi sync, its a great program.

Found helpful by 7 out of 7 people
Version 2.0.21
Review by JCornbread907

Can’t believe I blew $32 - Looks great until you get in it and try to move around. Entering inventory is impossible to figure out, lists of grains & hops in inventory are basic and apparently can’t be modified. That’s as far as I got. The frustration over trying to enter my inventory turned me off. The support doc doesn’t explain anything. Would love a refund...

Found helpful by 11 out of 15 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 2.1.3
Review by themanchicken

This application has become an essential part of my brewing - I've been a homebrewer off-and-on for a decade. Keeping track of the stuff I have lying around, keeping logs, doing calculations, performing unit conversions, this application makes it all easy. It also makes it easy (but not simple) to sync to my mobile device so that I can keep records while I'm brewing. This application does take a lot of getting used to, but once you've brewed a few batches with the application you quickly get the hang of it. A better "quick guide" may be helpful for new users and new brewers. I'm going to go brew now, and this app will continue to help.

Found helpful by 0 out of 1 people