Beautiful Backup Free : Create Beautiful Folders for Photos

Developer: Muharrem Ozkan

Current Version: 4.0

Last Updated: 2 years ago

Download Size: 2.5 MB - Download


This is the most capable utility to organise your photos and videos in a beautiful folder.

Just show where is all your digital media (photos, videos, audios or any other file), it will organise them with one-click and will help you keep them organised and clean all the time.

What Beautiful Backup does?

◉ Finds your photos, videos or other files inside your huge backup folders. Check every folder and subfolders deeply and extract them.
◉ Creates a single, clean beautiful backup folder.
◉ Organises your media in a beautiful folder hierarchy using many custom parameters like below
• Taken date (using EXIF data if available)
• Event Name that you create like Europe Trip or Wedding
• Address of the location (Country, City, Street, Place Name etc.)
• Camera Information (Canon, Nikon, iPhone etc.)
• File type (Photos, Videos, Audios etc.)
• File extension (JPG, MOV, TIFF, RAW etc.)
◉ Eliminates duplicated files
◉ Resizes photos and videos to your desired resolutions
◉ Creates archive files splitted by size or year
◉ Rotates photos according to their correct orientation
◉ Filters small photos and videos
◉ Offers you Clean & Remember too, to clean your multi-shot photos. Probably you have lots of multi-shot photos of the same moments. This tool will help you clean them. It will remember your choices so you will not waste your time again with same photos.
◉ Changes your beautiful backup folder structure to any other structure with one-click without copying all files again.
◉ Helps you to create shrink version of your digital collection with resizing to any resolution. It will take a lot less space and can be easily saved to your cloud backup accounts.

Beautiful Backup is just for you If

► You have lots of photos and videos?
► You have many duplicated photo and video backups?
► You have many backups, and even backups of backups?
► You want to create one simple and beautiful backup folder from all your media collection?
► You don’t know how to find all your media between huge backups and organise them?
► You want one click solution and don't want to spent time for this tedious job?

You need more than this? We will be very appreciated if you share your needs with us. We will try to develop all new features which you need.
Just post your requests via our web site.


Release Notes:

◉ Photos/iPhoto support. Now you can select Photos library as your source library.
◉ Video Resize support.
◉ Event Support. You can define event names like your Europe Trip or Wedding with start and end date. Then you can use these names as your folder names. All photos belongs to a specific events goes under these folders.
◉ Archive Feature. You can create archive files according to year and size.
◉ Custom File Name support. Now you can define custom file names.
◉ Performance Improvements.
◉ Full Screen support.