Developer: Nikolaos Konstantakopoulos

Current Version: 1.2.0

Last Updated: 2 years ago

Download Size: 29.1 MB - Download


BeatLines v1 is no longer supported, so its now free!

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BeatLines, is a simple and easy to use step sequencer. Create a drum beat using your sounds in seconds! Just drop your sound on a beatline an set the beat pattern for it. With up to 8 simultaneous beat lines you can create your unique rhythm from whatever music genre you wish! BeatLines comes with a variety of preset rhythms, that you can use as they are, or alter them as you like and save as your new beat rhythms!



Select a preset and press "space" or click on the "Start" button and you will immediately hear the rhythm! Add beat to it and alter it by clicking on the beat you want to add or remove.
Else, create a rhythm of your own! drop a drum sample on each beatline and the create your pattern!
You can hear the sample of every beatline without starting to play, just by pressing the number of that beatline on your keyboard!!
Going to the secondary interface of every beatline, by pressing on the dark green arrow at the left of each beatline, you have the ability to change the volume, panning, equalizer and volume envelop that of beat line.
Now you can select between Audio and Midi modes for each BeatLine.



feature of every BeatLine:

- Note divisions of Whole, Half, Half Triplet, Quarter, Quarter Triplet, Eighth, Eighth Triplet, Sixteenth, Sixteenth Triplet and Thirty-Seconds.

- Separate Volume, Panning, 3band Parametric Equalizer, The ability to select Part of the sample to play,
separate tonal transposition and level for each Beat on the BeatLine.

- Audio and Midi modes for each BeatLines. Every beat has its own pitch and velocity values for the Midi mode. When in Audio mode, pitch acts as a transposition factor with Midi Pitch 60 (or C4) as a base, and the velocity controls the beat level. This way you can have a whole new dimension for your beat with the addition of dynamics!

Overall features:

- Master Audio Volume
- Master Stereo Equalizer for the stereo out
- Record your Beats
- Use it with Rewire to input the Beats at another DAW and sync them
- A large range of tempo from 15 to 600. Tempo can be tapped with the "return" key
- Ability to save your own presets


-Soon Featured support of Audio Plugins


Release Notes:

- Beat lists
You can now tie multiple rhythms together to create a complete drum track.
Add a rhythm for as many bars as and at in the tempo you want!