Battle Fleet 2: WW2 Naval Strategy

Developer: Mythical City Games Inc.

Current Version: 1.23

Last Updated: 2 years ago

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"Battle Fleet 2 stacks up very nicely." 8/10 - Pocket Gamer
"Overall, this is a great app" 4.5/5 - AppAdvice
"I could get on board with this" - Rock, Paper, Shotgun
"Naval Combat Simulator with Depth" - IGM
"Battle Fleet 2 is a boat load of fun." 80/100 - Mouse n Joypad

Welcome Admiral! Your mission is to select a fleet of warships, arm them by selecting their weapons, assign captains and destroy the enemy fleet. You'll have complete control of this mission, all the way down to what angle and how much power should be put into each shot. Battle Fleet 2 is at your command, Admiral!

Battle Fleet 2 is the radically improved sequel to the original and has kept the “Worms” / “Scorched Earth” style angle+power mechanic, but now features full 3D modeling of terrain, ships, and ship hit locations. Hit the the engines and cripple the enemy's maneuverability, or aim for the command center and disable the ship for an entire turn. Ships are more realistic in which weapon compliments they can carry, and ship control is more intuitive. Battle Fleet 2 also now features Fog of War, allowing for stealth tactics and surprise attacks to be a viable strategy as well as adding the importance of using ships and aircraft for recon as well as attacks. With a full featured campaign and a variety of single play scenarios, Battle Fleet 2 will keep even the saltiest of sea-dogs satisfied.

Feature List
- Build your fleet from 7 different ship classes each with different hardpoint locations for mounting different weapons, different mobility, and different hit locations.
- Use small caliber guns to pinpoint your shot and switch to devastating salvo mode, forcing all available guns to fire at the same location.
- Equip your ships with a wide variety of weapons including AA guns, torpedoes, and different caliber naval artillery.
- Utilize or neutralize bombers and recon planes launched from island bases, aircraft carriers, or cruisers.
- Assign captains to each ship to determine the ship's turn order
- Play the strategic campaign mode, random skirmish mode, full cross platform multiplayer, or even hotseat multiplayer.
- Use recon to clear Fog of War and defeat enemy ground based airfields and coastal artillery.
- Deploy Strategic Command Cards to surprise your enemies with special actions like deploying mines, sabotage, enhanced aiming, airstrikes and more!
- Battle Fleet 2 features full 3D models of US and Japanese WW2 era ships.

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Release Notes:

- In-Battle Saves for single player battles and campaigns
- Faction selection in online multiplayer and single battles
- Multiplayer chat
- Enemies are now always red
- Submarines now start at periscope depth
- Transport ships have reduced health
- No more regions in multiplayer so more players will be on the same server
- Bug fixes


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.02
Review by Dude Jackson

Great strategy - Game was just updated and it’s nice that the AI is a bit more challenging now on Captain difficulty. Overall this is a nice mix of strategy and tactics, you get to control an entire campaign for the Pacific (like of like risk) and then play out each battle with you fleets. The battles are turn based and let you control each ship. You can use fighters to attack or use special action slike minefields. This is a massive improvemnt on the original game.

Found helpful by 6 out of 6 people
Version 1.23
Review by Fleet Sailor

Save Game Does Not Work - Played game for hours, then saved in mid-battle. Upon opening saved game, no ships were present and game could not be completed. This happened several different times. Total waste of time. Worthless game.

Found helpful by 2 out of 4 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.23
Review by Kamikaze 9 dead

Good but... - This is a great and fun game. The ships are fun to control, and the game is pretty realistic. That being said, the recent update adding in the transport ships is really annoying. Most of the time, the AI attacks with multiple transports and only one attack ship. The transports turn around and flee at the beginning of the battle, leading to the player destroying (easily) the one attack ship. After that begins a long and annoying chase of the fleeing transports, which is more bothersome than fun. Either fix the game by removing the transport ships, making them attack instead of run, or change the game so that the side that destroys all the attack ships wins, even if transport ships are still in the battle. Do this, and my rating will improve to five stars.

Found helpful by 5 out of 5 people
Version 1.23
Review by RB816

Battle Fleet 2 ver. 1.20 - I enjoy this game and it has a lot of potential, but the balance between air power and naval gunfire is completely out of whack, especially as you progress in the Pacific Campaigns. Instead of aircraft being the decisive weapons as they were in reality, the software managing combat results makes them practically useless. For example, I am playing a round agains the Japanese in which I have several carriers and surface ships engaged against a Japanese battleship and several transports. I have attempted to attack the battleship with carrier aircraft four times with the following results: 1) all aircraft “driven away” by the battleships antiaircraft fire; 2) a torpedo plane attack in which all torpedoes miss - in fact two of three end up running at a 90 degree angle from the attacking aircraft; 3) one bombing attack in which all aircraft are shot down; 4) one attack in which one torpedo hits. These results are just crazy. As early as December of 1941 Japanese naval aircraft sunk both the Prince of Wales and Repulse with relative minimal losses and yet I’m lucky to get one torpedo hit out of four passes. Also while this is happening the Japanese ship is closing to gun range of my carriers - somthing that never happened in the Pacific becuase the planes would have sunk it long before it coud do so. The aircraft “driven away” result is particularly aggravating since I am not aware of any case in which either Japanese or American naval air strikes gave up and flew away in the face of antiaircraft fire. Perhaps this is done to make the game more difficult as you progress, but if you can only come up with a compeletly ahistorical way of making the game more difficult then just don’t do it at all. I also agree with the comments from the other review about the way in which transport ships are used as minor warships instead of assets that need to be protected.

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people
Version 1.23
Review by Fleet Sailor

AI Cheats - The AI consistently cheats, often making the game unwinnable by the player. Specifically, The AI’s aircraft carrier maneuvers beyond the battle area where player aircraft cannot attack it, yet the AI continues to launch air attacks and sinks all of the player’s units. I don’t want an unfair advantage for myself, but I do expect to have a chance to succeed. As long as this condition exists, it is pointless to buy or play this game.

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people
Version 1.23
Review by Fleet Sailor

Greatly Improved - Earlier problems seem to have been fixed. Game plays well and is lots of fun.

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