Banktivity 6

Developer: IGG Holdings, LLC

Current Version: 6.3

Last Updated: 1 month ago

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Banktivity 6 ushers in a new level personal finance management software for macOS. Whether you're taking your first steps in getting your financial house in order, or you're a seasoned veteran of financial software, Banktivity 6 helps you take complete control of your money.

"Over the years I have used Quicken, Mvelopes, YNAB and Mint. Recently switched to Banktivity and love it. Nicely engineered." – Rich, New Jersey

World-class technical support via live chat and email with US-based representatives.


The first step in money management is to get all your finances in one place. If you’ve used software like Quicken (for Mac or PC), Banktivity's set-up assistant will import your old data. Next — or if you’re just starting out — download current transactions from your accounts online, at no cost, via direct connection to your bank or by using Banktivity's built-in browser to view your accounts and download your data for free.

Banktivity's optional Direct Access* service makes this even easier by connecting to over 10,000 banks worldwide, automatically delivering the latest transaction data to your Mac.


Banktivity has the tools you need to set up checking accounts, savings, credit cards, mortgages, investments and more. Then track each and every transaction: fine-tune them by categorizing, tagging, splitting or making custom edits — or let transaction templates do the work for you. Attach receipts or any file to transactions; reconcile to paper statements; search; track payments or transfers in any currency; and manage repeating events with scheduled transactions.

Banktivity 6 also lets you pay bills online! Set up payees, send checks, track their progress and see them appear in your register. You can print checks, too.

Update your accounts at once with Banktivity's Update Everything button, syncing devices and fetching Direct Access data and securities prices.


Banktivity's budgeting tools help you to set saving and spending goals, track expenses, cut debt and build a more secure future. By giving your available cash specific purposes, envelope budgeting lets you assign money to different categories and carry over savings.

Banktivity automatically budgets scheduled transactions like paychecks and bills, so by categorizing each expense and editing the budget itself, you can see where your money goes — and how to make it go further! Banktivity does this visually so that you can see your daily progress; compare past, current or projected budgets; and view it all in a Budget vs. Actual report.


Banktivity's investment features manage stocks, bonds, mutual funds, IRAs, 401Ks, CDs and other assets. You can track buys, sells, splits, dividends, options, etc.; categorize investment transactions; retrieve quotes from Yahoo! Finance or foreign exchanges; analyze ROI and more.

Built-in report templates (Income & Expense, Net Worth, Payee Summary and more) dynamically analyze your finances. Assign tax codes to transactions to generate a Tax Summary report (or export data to TurboTax); or view your holdings in the Portfolio or Investment Summary reports.

Banktivity's reports instantly generate graphs and charts. You can drill down for detail with a click, export table data to spreadsheets, and print reports or save them as PDFs.


No matter where you are, you can enter transactions on the go with Banktivity for iPhone, or sync accounts, budgets and investments to Banktivity for iPad for mobile money management (apps sold separately).

If you need help, get unlimited email support or Live Chat for answers in minutes. Banktivity offers built-in Help files, plus a downloadable user manual, a searchable Knowledge Base and video tutorials at our site.

*Direct Access subscriptions via In-App Purchase.


Release Notes:

Excited to get this release out, lots of great stuff!
- Added "Uncategorized" filter when viewing account transactions
- Added export option to budgets
- Transaction security values are now preserved when switching between transaction types
- Added additional return calculation to Security Detail report

- Fixed crash that could happen when editing a budget
- Fixed issue where manually entered security prices wouldn't sync correctly
- Fixed an issue where we were accidentally using the system cache
- Fixed an issue where investment transactions would appear as uncategorized on some reports
- Fixed a bug where we would sometimes fail to import a CSV file
- Fixed a nasty bug where our matching algorithm could take a REALLY LONG TIME
- Fixed a bug where a category could change out from underneath you when editing a transaction
- Fixed an issue where an account with multiple Adjustment transactions would not sync correctly sometimes
- Fixed an issue where a progress indicator would not appear when importing some files


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 6.0.3
Review by ProductiveQ

The Best App Available of Its Kind! - As a former Quicken and iBank 4 user I can enthusiastically say the Banktivity 6 is the best personal finance application I have ever tested. I now use it on a daily basis. My career as an IT professional requires me to evaluate and recommend software for clients. The combination of Banktivity 6 for macOS and its iOS counterpart running in tandem using the free cloud sync feature is an unbeatable combination to keep one’s finances organized. As an overall system, it is fast, stable and elegantly designed. Hats off to the IGG development team!

Found helpful by 18 out of 20 people
Version 6.0.4
Review by JLBiv

Don’t Upgrade if you can avoid it; I regret it more and more as time goes on. - tl;dr - If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it - it seems like every day I notice something else that is now broken. I wish I hadn’t upgraded. I used to like Banktivity - it was probably the best personal finance program for Mac users. Functionality is rich, the Direct Access worked well and was well supported, and the iOS apps are well integrated. That said, Version 6 is a complete mess. In their desperation to be new and shiny, they fixed all kinds of stuff that wasn’t broken. The biggest issue for me is that Smart Accounts are gone, which means I’ve lost the ability view (and edit) transactions across multiple accounts in descending date order, which made it a snap to review recent activity at a glance and make any tweaks without having to switch to the specific account for any given transaction. There’s a Transactions Report, but you can’t sort by date - only by date within account, which defeats the purpose for me and is actually worse that selecting one account at a time, since to get to transactions for an account you have to scroll way down and try to find where the account starts. Hopefully they’ll bring Smart Accounts (or something similar) back in a future update. And then I found that my check printing configuration was lost, so there’s a bunch of time lost trying to get that lined up again. Then there's the fact that things like Payees, Categories, Scheduled transactions, etc. are by default hidden below/behind the Settings icon. Completely non-intuitive. Especially since once you click on one, the settings list collapses down, hiding them all again. And, in the scheduled transactions list, once you find it, they’ve put the date column (a key field for *scheduled* transactions) all the way over on the right, which is the opposite of how transactions display in the registers and makes it unnecessarily hard to find. Or take searching. It’s called “Find” on the menu (the only verb in a list of nouns), but “Search when you bring it up, as if the developers weren’t talking to each other and no one had any kind of vision. And the results are once again grouped by account with no way to change it, so to find recent transactions with a certain search result, you have to scroll down to look at each account one at a time. Why this refusal to let us set our own sort order? And ever since upgrading, Direct Access has been unreliable. And where you have multiple simiilar transactions (say, buying multiple books from Amazon at the same price), it matches the most recently entered transaction first, instead of the oldest as makes more sense (and as, I believe, it used to). And right-aligned category names in account registers? I guess they were looking to visually represent the mess they’ve made of this version. I prefer to change my financial application(s) at the 1st of the year. Sadly, we’re too far into 2017 for me to change away from Banktivity, so I’ll have to tough it out. But unless there are significant improvements (i.e., they restore the functionality and reliability that they have taken away), I’ll be looking hard at switching to something else at the end of the year..

Found helpful by 16 out of 20 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 6.3
Review by Géologue

Great upgrade from iBank 4 - I skipped the version 5 and went straight to version 6… quite an upgrade. Make me wants to watch my finance again. :-)

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people
Version 6.3
Review by AppleDeveloper4Life

Buggy and ignored - I want to love this app, but can’t. It’s just too buggy. I’m a software engineer who’s used Mac’s for decades. I’ve sent in detailed bug reports w/ steps on how to reproduce bugs only to be ignored. I’m left with no choice but to use something else.

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people
Version 6.3
Review by Don A7

Nice changes. Test to consider before upgrading iOS apps-- - Sounded like the wrong way to do it, but the update from 5 worked fine when I followed the prompts. The test to consider before updating your iOS devices, like iPhone and iPad, is make a new computer copy from your cloud document. If you cannot make a new copy to your computer, you may not be able to make a document in the new iOS apps, either. My document, first created in 2014, could not flow back as a new document from cloud, with the categories and budgets from that many versions ago. The old document synced fine on the computer, but could not sync to the new iPhone and iPad apps. I took the plunge, and my completely new document works with both the computer and all the mobile devices. I first made a back-up of the old document, for doing my income taxes. I decided to make the new document using the new tag structure, using a new user ID, updating our categories to the Schedule C and Form 2106 items we now use, and making a fully envelope capable budget. I like the power the tags impart to the new document. The old document is still readily accessible on my computer, via open recent, so I am confident my income tax information is still there. In the new document, I made us each a discretionary fund budget envelope. A personal discretionary fund envelope should give us each breathing room as well as automony, as we make a budget that works for us and not just for one or the other. Able to see my budget, right as I shop, should give my budget a chance to work. We are again linking two computers, his and her iPhone, and his iPad and her two iPad over IGG’s free (encrypted) cloud. I enter on my iPhone as I shop, and always know my remaining balances. Deductible expenses auto-fill to the correct category. Very nice! The computer process seems easier for her, in Banktivity 6. I am not sure why the new interface clicked, but it did. Addendum v 6.3 I have had a chance to play with the new budget envelopes. You really can virtually shift from one envelope to another, no need for physical props

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people
Version 6.3
Review by Shibalvr

Terrible - Do not buy - I’ve used Banktivity for awhile now and have always had issues with syncing, crashing and overall general inaccuracies. Each version, I keep hoping that there will be some improvements, but I’m finally done with this software and going back to QuickBooks.

Found helpful by 1 out of 2 people
Version 6.3
Review by Nursegirl14

New and unsatisfied customer - I recently purchased this program for both my mac and iphone. I cant load all my accounts. It tells me my login credentials are incorrect and another issue is the prompting for validation when I’ve already given it seceral times. I cant beleive I spent close to $80 dollars on a product that is defective. Will be calling Apple to get s reufund. Not cool IGG!

Found helpful by 1 out of 2 people