Banktivity 5 (formerly iBank 5)

Developer: IGG Holdings, LLC

Current Version: 5.6.9

Last Updated: 1 year ago

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The best personal finance manager. Only for Mac and iOS! For fast answers and great support including Live Chat, visit

"There's really nothing better than iBank 5 [Banktivity]." —

"Hits the sweet spot between power and simplicity, at an affordable price." — CNET

“Our favorite budgeting and personal finance app. It does everything well.” — The Sweet Setup


The first step in money management is to get all your finances in one place. If you’ve used software like Quicken (for Mac or PC), Banktivity's set-up assistant will import your old data. Next — or if you’re just starting out — download current transactions from your accounts online, at no cost, via direct connection to your bank or by using Banktivity's built-in browser to view your accounts and download your data for free.

Banktivity's optional Direct Access* service makes this even easier by connecting to over 10,000 banks worldwide, automatically delivering the latest transaction data to your Mac.


Banktivity has the tools you need to set up checking accounts, savings, credit cards, mortgages, investments and more. Then track each and every transaction: fine-tune them by categorizing, splitting or making custom edits — or let transaction templates do the work for you. Attach receipts or any file to transactions; reconcile to paper statements; search by account; track payments or transfers in any currency; and manage repeating events with scheduled transactions.

Banktivity 5 also lets you pay bills online! Integrate scheduled transactions with Reminders and never miss a payment again. Set up payees, send checks, track them in progress and see them appear in your register. You can print checks, too.

Update your accounts at once with Banktivity's Update Everything button, syncing devices and fetching Direct Access data and securities prices. And Smart Accounts let you view records by account, payee, memo, category or more.


Banktivity's budgeting tools help you to set saving and spending goals, track expenses, cut debt and build a more secure future. By giving your available cash specific purposes, envelope budgeting lets you assign money to different categories and carry over savings.

Banktivity automatically budgets scheduled transactions like paychecks and bills, so by categorizing each expense and editing the budget itself, you can see where your money goes — and how to make it go further! Banktivity does this visually so that you can see your daily progress; compare past, current or projected budgets; and view it all in a Budget vs. Actual report.


Banktivity's investment features manage stocks, bonds, mutual funds, IRAs, 401Ks, CDs and other assets. You can track buys, sells, splits, dividends, options, etc.; categorize investment transactions; retrieve quotes from Yahoo! Finance or foreign exchanges; analyze ROI and more.

Built-in report templates (Income & Expense, Net Worth, Payee Summary and more) dynamically analyze your finances. Assign tax codes to transactions to generate a Tax Summary report (or export data to TurboTax); or view your holdings in the Portfolio Summary or Investment Summary reports.

Banktivity's reports instantly generate graphs and charts. You can drill down for detail with a click, export table data to spreadsheets, and print reports or save them as PDFs.


No matter where you are, you can enter transactions on the go with Banktivity for iPhone, or sync accounts, budgets and investments to Banktivity for iPad for mobile money management (apps sold separately).

If you need help, get unlimited email support or Live Chat for answers in minutes. Banktivity offers built-in Help files, plus a downloadable user manual, a searchable Knowledge Base and video tutorials at our site.

*Direct Access subscriptions via In-App Purchase.


Release Notes:

Nice little update mainly focused on fixing the following:
- iBank appears in online account setup assistant
- Gain figure calculated wrong for bonds
- Typo in the About Transactions in the Help files.
- DA investment transactions without symbols import without prices
- Direct Access import fails to match existing transactions, logging regex error
- Import Rules Should be case Insensitive
- Hang while evaluating completed finite Scheduled Transactions


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 5.0.3
Review by Santa41

Great - I have been a Quicken user for 8 years and wanted an app for my new Mac for banking and financial. Decided to buy IBANK and was worried I would have trouble transfering my old info to IBANK. I followed the instructions as provided and found it was very easy. Had a couple glitches but was able to work them out. Took a little longer to get the direct access on my accounts but much better than Quicken as they did not cover some of them. So far am very happy. Think it will take time to learn the differant navigation that I was use to but believe I made a good buy so far.

Found helpful by 42 out of 49 people
Version 5.0.2
Review by Bob_104

All Hype - I’ve just spent about 3 hours moving from Quicken for Windows to iBank 5.0.2 with the hope that I could finally use a comparable program to manage bank, credit card and investment accounts under OS X. No such luck. One of the most pressing feature for me was the promised Bill Pay. It doesn’t work at the moment, and according to a just completed chat with IGG Support, they have no information as to when this feature will work. In addition, investment balances are inaccurate, but that was the least of my problems. Don’t waste your money.

Found helpful by 119 out of 137 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 5.6.9
Review by Itchy_son

Really wish I could get my money back. - If you have any knowledge of accounting whatsoever, please pay attention to the negative reviews for this product. If this is your last resort, try it out. But I implore you to try other things first. I am just using quickbooks because #1: it actually works. #2 I think it might be cheaper because you pay for syncing up front. If anyone knows how I can get my money back for this software, please let me know. It is basically useless. If I can’t return it, I will be selling my product key for one high-five, or best offer.

Found helpful by 8 out of 19 people
Version 5.6.9
Review by Pdly1

Seamless banking!! - I have been using Banktivity for the past 4 years. Both my wife and I are managing a complicated set of accounts. The App works seamlessly with the various financial institutions that we work with. Each upgrade has resulted in a more user friendly, rapid, and comprehensive interaction. Great work!!!

Found helpful by 6 out of 6 people
Version 5.6.9
Review by Snowy Montana

This Ain’t Quicken - A poor substitute for my old Quicken Jurassic. But Apple’s ever-uncompromising operating systems have made my ability to use my old Quicken nearly impossible, even using a split-drive with an old OS just for this reason. So, I was forced to go with the best of a bunch of poor choices which is Banktivity. If you are an old Quicken user like me, you will be very disappointed. Although my data transfer was possible, it was not complete. Many fields are not transferrable, all of the transactions of entire accounts had the wrong action (check instead of charge, for example). Many split transactions did not transfer properly, so my account balances were wrong. Missing are the much loved functions like the calendar, where you could see all of the transactions on a day and make changes between accounts (like correcting a change from one credit card to another). Seems like it would be simple to add the ability to add or subtract in the”amount” box of a transaction like Quicken, but not possible here. The reports look a little cleaner, but there is no way to change the information on a report, like alter a column’s location. The quickfill or memorized transaction is much clumsier, and the split transaction and splits with transfer will drive you mad. My limited experience with tech support has been a relatively quick two or three days, but basically the answers are ‘you can’t do that’. They do have live support, but it was not open when I had a question. In summary, I am dumbfounded that in the 10 plus years since the last (real) Quicken for Mac was released, this is the best option out there as a replacement. If you are a heavy user of that old Quicken program like I was, I suggest that you pass on this program and find a way to keep your old Quicken program in operation, perhaps using an older computer with an old OS dedicated for its use. After several frustrating weeks with Banktivity, that is what I am going back to, re-entering the last month’s data on my old version of Quicken 2004. I never thought I would be so happy to use that program again. If you are still going to go with Banktivity, then I strongly suggest that you go with one of the free or low-cost trial versions to start with, at least then you won’t have wasted 60 bucks like I did.

Found helpful by 6 out of 6 people
Version 5.6.9
Review by FlyNavy69

Love love love it!! - I have been using this program for several years now (started when it was still called iBank). I can’t say enough good things about it. I was a long time Quicken user, and made the switch when I bought a Mac. I like it better than Quicken and have absolutely no complaints at all. Worth the money!

Found helpful by 6 out of 6 people
Version 5.6.9
Review by Geekster2

Constant Sync problems - This program seems to rotate which bank it doesn’t want to sync with. First it won’t synch to Chase, then a day or two later, Chase starts working. THEN it won’t sync to Wells Fargo! Wait a few days, and Wells Fargo works. There’s NOTHING I can do on my end to resolve this. Very problematic software!!

Found helpful by 4 out of 4 people