Developer: J-Sec Consultancy Ltd

Current Version: 1.06

Last Updated: 4 years ago

Download Size: 13.1 MB - Download


Ballistyx, the popular and highly addictive retro game from the 90's has been re-written and had a graphics make over!

See for detailed instructions.

The Ballistyx have been busy creating havoc and opened up gaps in the fabric of time and space, you must weave your thread to seal at least 75% of the fabric and see off the pesky Ballistyx fiends!

Move within the Blue thread relatively safely (Avoid the Ballistyx!) but to recover the fabric of time you must move into the empty space until you reach the edges of safety, leaving a trail of Red Yarn. Move quickly back onto the safe blue line. To create a patch which will be filled with new fabric. The bigger the patchwork, the larger you score!

You must avoid being hit by the Ballistyx, those that live on the thread can follow you, those that live in space, must not connect with your or the new red thread!

To protect you, you have a limited number of reversals available to you that will switch the direction of any Ballistyx chasing you, use them sparingly though!

The more patchwork you create filling more then 75% of the empty space will gain bigger bonus points.

Extra Ballistyx may appear on the blue thread when the countdown timer reaches zero, so watch out!

There are a number of game customisations at your disposal to make the game harder or easier for you, along with multiple achievements to be earnt.

We have more developments and game modes coming soon!


Release Notes:

Minor bug fixes, and synchronised release with the iOS Version.