Backgammon Online

Developer: multimedia-go

Current Version: 1.3.3

Last Updated: 1 year ago

Download Size: 30.4 MB - Download


PLEASE NOTE that the default backgammon server of this app,, is currently not reachable. We are currently investigating this. In the meantime, you can connect via Game Center or (use expert mode in the FIBS settings to change the server address).

Backgammon Online is also available for iOS!

Backgammon Online connects you with the vivid First Internet Backgammon Server (FIBS, see Play anywhere at any time against real people.

• Polished user interface and beautiful boards
• On FIBS, there are also very sophisticated bots of different playing strengths which are a serious challenge to even the most skilled Backgammon players
• Creating a new FIBS account is just a matter of finding a suitable user name, no web-site visits or personal informations required
• Automatic forced moves and bear-off
• Integrated FIBS Chat
• All aborted matches are automatically saved
• Finished matches can be saved in the MAT file format, which is readable by almost every professional backgammon software (match-saving requires Mac OS X 10.7.3 or later)
• Ratings for each player are based on match results and other factors, thus you can easily find a player with your playing ability.
• this app is also available for iOS (iPhone, iPod and iPad) in the iTunes App Store


Release Notes:

- Allow to login with (existing) FIBS user names that contain digits


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.0
Review by Zathras 7

FIBS done right! - Having used a few FIBS clients on the Mac over the years, I've longed for someone to make one that seemed like it belonged on a Mac. This one does. Being able to scale the board to any size is alone worth the asking price. It looks and plays very nice, and the animations are smooth and likable.

Found helpful by 7 out of 8 people
Version 1.0
Review by Bruks

Something not right here - I'm an OK backgammon player. I win most games I play unless luck goes against me or I am playing someone really good … and lucky. But this app is the most uneven weird thing I have ever experienced. When I started I won games and shot up from 1500 rating to over 1700 as one would expect and experienced player to do. Then I started to make comments on the community board about how weird I noticed the dice were and got very flip comments from the people managing the server - as you would expect if it was programmed to be random. But and over the next games all of a sudden my luck changed permanently. Over and over mhy opponents would come from behind with amazing odds, which is to be expect sometimes, but way out of proportion. My opponents were getting doubles and very lucky unlikely roles and I got stuck on the bar almost every game. I continued to play to see if these was some kind of weird run of the dice, but I am really sick of it. I trashed it and suggest other people do the same or not buy it. I can't prove it but there is something not right here since my games here are different from games with real dice or at other online venues such as Microsoft's Backgammon. I don't know of a way to verify the dice in an online game like this, and whatever peculiarity is not changing the overall randomness of the dice, just favoring one player or the other randomly as if it was programmed to control the game. I can't prove it but I know when something is wrong. Find something else for online backgammon. I think there is some sophisticated stuff being done on this server … it is not the developer of this app per se where the problem lies. The worst thing is that it actually costs money.

Found helpful by 7 out of 14 people