Developer: Little Potato Software

Current Version: 1.5

Last Updated: 3 years ago

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Would you like to make your machine toddler-proof, while still watching a movie, or chatting with relatives via Skype? BabyProof prevents key and mouse presses from reaching the computer, while letting you run the app of your choice. Start up an app of your choice, then switch to BabyProof. BabyProof doesn't obstruct anything on the screen, but captures all mouse and key presses to prevent them from affecting the running program. Type your own special "quit" word to exit out of BabyProof.

BabyProof can also be used for kiosk machines. Start your full screen kiosk app, then launch BabyProof. You'll be able to prevent all access to the machine via mouse and keyboard while your app runs.


Release Notes:

Added option to type in a phrase to unlock the screen, but not exit from BabyProof.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.0
Review by RabidTwitch

Awesome! - Very simple and easy to use My son can't close anything i ahven't saved, I no longer have to worry about where the keyboard is. Very awesome simply type the word quit when you are done or any word you choose to use.

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Version 1.5
Review by ChemaCB

THANK YOU! Works great, wish I could scroll. - Thank you so much for making BabyProof! It's really helpful! I use it primarily for letting my daughter press keys while I'm reading however, so it would be really helpful to have the ability to enable scrolling, perhaps with two fingers on the trackpad, or simply with the arrow keys.

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