Baby View

Developer: Wayne Smith

Current Version: 4.1

Last Updated: 4 years ago

Download Size: 7.9 MB - Download


Welcome to Baby View, a stimulating world of high contrast scenes designed to engage and delight your baby!

Baby View is a great way to encourage eye co-ordination and focus in babies in the formative months of their lives.

It is a well known fact that that while babies are very young, and their sight is developing, their vision is much more attuned to black and white, and high contrast images.

Babies love bright and sharp images. You can see their eyes light up and their interest is visibly raised when presented with these strong images. Add to that the extra dimensions of movement and sound, and your baby will be suitably impressed!

Baby View contains a variety of simple and interactive scenes for you and your baby to enjoy together.

The scenes promote visual development, focus and motion tracking.

Each scene falls into one of four main categories:

Black & white :

The highest possible contrast will engage even very young babies immediately! You will be delighted at how quickly they take to tracking the shapes across the screen. You will see your baby’s eyes following the shapes around as their interest is peaked almost instantly!

Black, white & primaries :

Introducing simple colors along with the black and white patterns adds some vibrant color to the mix!

Colors on black :

Bold, bright colors standing out against an all black background make these scenes great fun!

Full color :

These scenes are no holds barred - all color, all the way!

The scenes have great interactive elements for you and your baby to play along with. Some may be tricky for baby at first, but I’m sure you’ll be surprised at how swiftly they learn!

You and your newborn can get creative with images and music, introducing your little one to the sights and sounds of Baby View!

As well as being superb fun for healthy children, Baby View has been used specifically for helping babies whilst they are recovering from surgery after having their congenial cataracts treated. Also, Baby View is gaining popularity as an incredibly useful tool for the ongoing care of severely handicapped children.

We are very happy and proud of the success of Baby View so far. From all the customer feedback it does appear that it is proving genuinely useful and helpful to a great many families. We hope that you find it fun and useful too!


Release Notes:

Home button timer settings...
Until the latest update, the biggest bugbear from parents was that their children found it too easy to press the Home button and end up back in the menu. So I added a timer to the Home button, so you need to hold the Home button for 3 seconds before you go back to the menu. Now, since the latest update, the biggest bugbear from parents is that their (older) children now find it too *difficult* to press the Home button!!!
So...You now can choose for yourself how many seconds you need to hold the Home button for!!! Go down to the settings screen (with the bear!) and click the Home settings button in the bottom right - choose either 1, 2, 3 or ZERO! seconds to set how long the Home button must be pressed. Hopefully this will keep all parents and all children happy!