Developer: tttthomasssss

Current Version: 1.1.44

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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This unique App is a homage and parody to the darker days of modern operating systems. Of course it is only intended to be for entertainment and not to infer that any particular piece of software contains or contained bugs!

With this App you can enjoy the best of the good old days, with its worst bit.

The best? Of course it was Minesweeper!! Remember trying all night to solve it on easy under 8 seconds? Or trying to finally solve it on hard?
With BSoDSweeper all those good old days come back again! you also remember the dark side? No?? Lucky you then, but for the rest of us haunted souls, this App lets you live through the dark side as well! When you hit a mine and you feel all those long forgotten memories to come up again, just try to calm down, its just the game, you are on a Mac now, everything is fine, everything is good.


Release Notes:

After months and months of consideration I came up with a brand new and absolutely brilliant name: BSoDSweeper #word!

Apart from that, a couple of other things were carried out as well:
- Fast Difficulty switch (CMD+1; CMD+2; CMD+3)
- More Animations (Yay!)
- Removed unwanted "features" (that means fixed a few bugs...)