Developer: Bare Bones Software, Inc.

Current Version: 10.5.12

Last Updated: 3 years ago

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BBEdit is the leading professional text, code, and markup editor for the Macintosh.

As the "go to" tool for web site designers, web application developers, writers, and software developers, this award-winning product provides an abundance of high-performance features for editing, searching, and manipulation of text, code, and HTML/XML markup.

An intelligent interface provides easy access to BBEdit’s best-of-class features, including: grep pattern matching; search and replace across multiple files; project definition tools; function navigation and syntax coloring for numerous source code languages; code folding; FTP and SFTP open and save; AppleScript and Automator support; Unix scripting support; text and code completion; a complete set of robust HTML tools; and more.

*** Please note: The version of BBEdit purchased from the Mac App Store will not be able to install the command line tools, nor perform authenticated saves. More information is available from the BBEdit product support page.


Release Notes:

This update contains no feature changes or bug fixes, but includes updated code signing as required by versions of OS X newer than 10.9.4.

Complete change notes for this update as well as previous versions are available here:


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 9.6.3
Review by evallow

Simply, the most uncompromising editor available for OS x - I know that I've discovered a great piece of Mac software when I start to conscientiously memorize its unique keyboard shortcuts. I know I've found the editor that has earned a place in my workflow when I change the Finder defaults to use it for all text based files. BBEdit has meet these metrics in the first few days of using it as my primary text editor for OS x. If you haven't heard of it before, BBedit is _the_ power-user text editor on the Mac. I have used many alternatives, including OS X's built in TextEdit, Xcode's native editor, textmate, as well Pathfinder's built-in editor, and others. They all have their strong points, but overall, BBEdit is the clear winner. Why? There are many factors, but to me, BBEdit is both sufficiently coder-friendly to be the goto (sorry, puny) editor for programming in any language, yet eclectic enough to be used as the general purpose editor for all my text files. It loads fast, does what the user expects, and provides a very rich set of configuration options for those inclined to build a custom experience. In contrast to all too many programs, the help files are consise, well written, and actually pleasant to read (check out "Put in on my tab", BBedit tutorials, chapter 6) BBEdit sports extensive language support. HTML editing is one of BBEdit's strong points, an area I don't use much myself, but if the support for the other languages is any indication, the HTML support must be very well done. The list of supported languages is impressive - Fortran 9x anyone, or do you prefer Ruby? - and the language configuration tweaking options are just staggering. Additionally, a plentiful Apple Script dictionary fires the imagination for the workflow imagineer. Some key features I was pleased to see right out of the gate: • Language dependent color-coded syntax printing (a feature missing in a surprising number of editors). • Code folding - collapse a block of source code by clicking a little rotating triangle (like Xcode's editor, but with a more obvious control mechanism) Other goodies including support for growl, a slick 'sleep' command, integrated access to source control systems, optional Emac keybindings, and much more. The BBEdit documentation includes a section on "Expert options" for the uber-user. While I enjoy reading over the features listed here, I have yet found the need to change any of these from their defaults. There are lots of choices of editors for the Mac. Some are cheaper than BBEdit, but I feel none are better. Truely productive work when using something as key as a text editor requires time to master, to aborb the shortcuts and tricks; I value my time too highly to invest in learning those techniques for a program that is less than great. Indeed, that is why I use OS x, it is worth the time to learn its ins and outs to be highly effective, as it pays dividends. The same holds for BBEdit. Note that due to Apple App store restrictions, the BBEdit's command line functionality is not included when purchased via the Apple App store, but you can get those directly from Bare Bones Software. Here is a quote on this topic from Bare Bones webpage: "You should know before installing Bare Bones's TextWrangler or BBEdit from the Mac App Store that the version there has the command line tools and authenticated saves removed in order to comply with Apple's terms of use. For customers using BBEdit or TextWrangler purchased from the Mac App Store, we have installers available which will install the command-line tools in your system. Please note that these are only for use with versions of BBEdit or TextWrangler obtained from the Mac App Store, and are not suitable for use otherwise. " Thanks to Bare Bones for their continued work to make this the best OSx app of its kind.

Found helpful by 67 out of 67 people
Version 10.5.13
Review by Neibarger

BBEDIT no longer supports us app store users - Bare Bones has made it a clear they do not, nor will not continue to support users who purchased BBEdit from the app store. If you want updates you will have to purchase it again from the Bare Bones website. I say no and will switch to another company, even if I have to pay more and purchase it outside the app store. What bothers me is they took my money and ran laughing. I choose no longer support Bare Bones.

Found helpful by 23 out of 33 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 10.5.12
Review by Summer107

Indispensible - I’m one of those types that likes to use apps that are very focused on the task at hand—BBedit’s mission is a big one, but it has managed to remain focused on that mission like a laser. I don’t use all of it’s features, but the features that I use always work and never fail—and nothing unexpected ever gets in the way. For a productivity tool, you can’t ask for more. p.s.: Major points for doing the certificate upgrade way ahead of schedule.

Found helpful by 9 out of 12 people