AutoPainter Express

Developer: Mediachance

Current Version: 1.1

Last Updated: 3 years ago

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Automatically turn your photos into authentic looking high resolution paintings. It is for real! The result from this highly addictive software will look pretty much like a real painted art: zoomed in or zoomed out with incredibly realistic details.

AutoPainter Express is actually not an effect, it is the closest thing to watching a real painter. It uses the photo as a reference and automatically paints the scene with different brushes, guided by real-world artists inspired techniques.
As with real painters if you paint the same image multiple times you will get slightly different result.

The full painting process takes about 2 minutes and it is pretty rewarding to watch the progress.

After all the apps that simply offer just a modification of the few old "paint" photo effects, AutoPainter Express is a completely unique application in a category of its own. It "thinks" like a real painter.

In this version we bring you 4 incredibly realistic impressionistic styles.

Running colors, water removal, dry scratches: it is all there in this wonderful style. Works great on flowers, landscapes, old buildings or even people.

Inspired by work of Frank Benson (1862-1951). This style has a sunny palette with Mediterranean tones. It does enhance inner light and color harmony and it works best on sunny landscapes and outdoors.

Inspired by late work of Paul Cezanne (1839 - 1906). Painted on an artistic paper, the quick brush strokes with warm, and yellows and chalk details will work wonders on flowers and still life.

✭Van Gogh✭
Inspired by Van Gogh’s Starry Night painting. You will discover his signature swirls, bended reality and blue tones with orange details. This style works great on night life photography and landscapes especially if water reflection is involved.

The AutoPainter Express is a bigger brother of our iPhone and iPad AutoPainter applications and it offer more than 3x the amount of details and it is suitable for large format prints.

The best proof of the app thinking like a real painter is the fact that it doesn't really matter what resolution is the input image as long as it shows a paint worthy scene. The AutoPainter recreates the scene by painting a brand new image, not just shuffle pixels around like every other "paint" effect you had seen.
The source could be big image, camera photo, tiny thumbnail downloaded from the web or even snapshot of another picture. The same apply to a noise - it doesn't really matter.

What matters is your keen eye for interesting scene. Look at it as a master painter would - look for dynamic light (no pun intended) and playful game of lights and shadows.
We suggest to start with the most favourite subject - flowers. Flowers nearly always look good in any style. Then try interesting landscape, buildings, still life and scenery.
The styles here are based on impressionistic painters and they may not always work well on portraits - at least not realistic portraits.

Use it as a Feedback tool for learning:
AutoPainter can actually improve your photography skills. A painting will simplify the image to its core visual values allowing you to evaluate the overall impact of the image such as proper framing technique or good separation of subject from the surrounding. If a painting looks pleasant, your photo technique is on right track.

Check videos on our web page and the iPhone and iPad versions.

Next update will dramatically improve painting of portraits.


Release Notes:

Improved realism of portraits with Portrait Mask. Simply paint the mask over areas that need more attention such as face. (see the last screenshot). Aquarell and Benson are best styles to try this out.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.1
Review by dajaxon

pretty good but limited - At least this is ONE and maybe the ONLY product of its kind that really works. There are 4 styles and the autopaint can be stopped at any point if you like the results earlier that allowing it to go the entire process. I wish they would add some additional styles. the mask feature seems to not really work though.

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people
Version 1.1
Review by Bodhiness

Fun, Needs Work - Fun concept. Works for simple photos. But comes with no help information. Couldn't figure out how to use Mask option. Faces came out poorly Easy to use than some painting apps. Would like more options and more control of final painting look.

Found helpful by 14 out of 15 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.1
Review by HCLB

Fun, Useful, Great Start! - Better than I expected and well worth the very little money for the current version. Seems to work best on source images with at most a moderate amount of detail. Export is limited to 2000 pixels in the longest dimension. The mediachance website indicates this is just the beginning for the OSX version of Auto Painter. I'm looking forward to future development.

Found helpful by 5 out of 5 people
Version 1.1
Review by PVannie

Worth The Cost - If you only make one thing that pleases you it's worth the cost. I used a daguerreotype taken in about 1885 to make a 'painting' for a wall. The original, of my great Grannie and a couple of her friends, was blotched, faded, scratched and really really old looking The Painting that came from it is exquisite and hangs proudly on a bedroom wall. Can't wait to see how Great Grandpa in his civil war uniform turns out. (Though I would love to have more style choices.)

Found helpful by 4 out of 4 people
Version 1.1
Review by Napoleana

Fun for the price - This is a fun program to play with, but as far as I can tell the Portrait Mask feature is complete bull. When I put in a picture of a friend where her head is about 25% of the picture, then it looks fine (with no need to even try Portrait Mask). A plugged in a baby photo of my cousin's daughter and her open mouth was rendered like a hole in her head. UGH. So I used Portrait Mask and... same exact results. There may have been a few brush strokes difference, but nothing was improved, not even the blurry eyes, which you'd think would be the primary point of Portrait Mask. I then used it on a photo of myself at a costume ball, where I was wearing a corset with a skeleton design on it. I used Portrait Mask on the skeleton design and on my face, then ran it through all four options to see which would get me the prettiest "painting." To be fair, I don't think anyone expects the Van Gogh option to look good on a picture like that; I was just trying it out of curiousity. Two of the options rendered the small skeleton really well, while the other was sort of vaguely skeleton-shaped. But NONE did my face! One gave me a blurry face with vague shadows for eyes, while the other two made it look like someone had painted a very lovely portrait of me and then someone else had come along and SCRATCHED MY FACE OUT. That said, the program is otherwise fantastic. Whereas other "painting" filters just put a dimension of brush strokes on top of a blurry version of your photo, this one actually PAINTS. It starts with large sweeps of color and then slowly works in smaller and smaller details in layers and layers of "paint." I was thoroughly impressed when a picture I'd taken of a passionflower in a thicket, when rendered by the Van Gogh option, started with layers and layers and layers of leaf shapes that weren't really that descernable in the original photo. All the photos I've rendered without people in them are BEAUTIFUL. If they could fix the face thing, this program would be worth 10X the price, maybe more. Unfortunately that major flaw makes this only a fun toy to play with for a cheap price.

Found helpful by 3 out of 3 people
Version 1.1
Review by nevadael

Love - I love this app. The results were excellent. Here, I wish the developer will do some updates for (1) SAVE the picture, it would be better if the app will automatically direct the saving place to the same folder where the source of the picture was uploaded, and already suggested the name of the picture with the original one; and (2) to make the processing of the picture faster. Thank you!

Found helpful by 2 out of 2 people
Version 1.1
Review by Mr Nomad

Would give 5 stars but... - The app saves at a max resolution of 2000 pixels on the long side - greatly reducing the usability for prints. There needs to be an option to save at the full resolution of the origional photo.

Found helpful by 19 out of 19 people