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Attributed String Creator takes all of the work out of programming with NSAttributedStrings by automatically generating native Swift 4 or Objective-C code from your formatted text.

Write, paste or import any text into Attributed String Creator and it will produce a neat and easily readable equivalent of your text in NSMutableAttributedString declaration form. Copy this into your Xcode project and you’ll have an exact reproduction of your text as a variable you can assign to labels, text views, buttons, tables and anything else that supports it.

See a video of Attributed String Creator in action

There are lots of advantages to using attributed strings in your apps; the aesthetics of an app can make or break it so it’s important that your apps look their best. Having richly formatted, sharp, vibrant text can make a big difference to how users perceive your work and will help your apps stand out from the crowd.

App Developers have tried many ways of producing rich typography in their apps in the past, but they all have their failings:
● Creating a png or jpg of the text and displaying it as an image (This won’t look sharp, won’t resize itself for different screen dimensions and can’t be created dynamically)
● Using multiple labels for each alternative text style (This isn’t practical unless formatting only changes on separate lines)
● Using Interface Builder’s attributes inspector (Out of these options, this is the best way, but it can’t be dynamically made in code, it doesn’t support custom fonts, as of Xcode 5 it doesn’t affect iOS 6 builds and it’s impractical for editing large portions of text)
● Using a UIWebView and formatting the text with HTML (This only works as a replacement for a UITextView. You couldn’t use this technique with a button title for example)
● Working with Core Text (This is a lower level, more customizable text manipulation framework but it’s too complicated to be practical unless you specifically require the use of its advanced features)

All of these workarounds exist because of the difficulty and amount of time it takes to programmatically declare Apple’s native form of rich text ……but now the problem is solved.

Attributed String Creator Features:

Live Code Generation
● Alter anything in the text editing area and see it instantly reflected in code

iOS and macOS Compatibility
● You can switch between producing code for mobile apps or mac applications

Neat, Sensible and Readable Code
● All fonts, colors and styles are grouped together and declared in order to allow easy modification

Numerous Means of Importing Text
● Support for opening doc, docx, rtf and similar text documents, as well as anything that can be cut and pasted

Smart Font Support
● Even non-standard fonts (for example those downloaded from the internet) will be properly named and declared in the code output. The application knows which fonts are standard in iOS and will alert you if you are using fonts that require additional setup prior to use

Easy Importing of Multiline Strings
● Even if you don’t want to use rich formatting in your strings, you can use the application just to add in newline characters for you

Full-Color​ Support
● Every text color will be detected and declared exactly as it is in the original string

Vast Range of Paragraph Styles Supported
Including, but not limited to:
● Alignment
● Underline
● Indentation
● Line Spacing
● Background color
● Strikethrough

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Release Notes:

Hi Developers,

Attributed String Creator now exports Swift 4 code!

I've also added a prompt to sign up to my new mailing list and adjusted how the app prompts you to view my other apps.



Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.0
Review by catbagel

Great tool! - This is a really handy tool for working with and even learning how to use attributed strings. I’ve been using it to improve the look of my own iOS app (Gym Log+) in certain key places where I want nicely formatted text. The live code generation works great and saves me time since I can easily experiment with different font sizes, styles, etc. without constantly re-running my app. One recommendation would be to have an option to store each substring in the newline-separated text into its own variable to make it easier to manually edit the generated code after copying into a project if necessary. Does what it says it’ll do, and no crashes—great job!

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.5
Review by Tech guy/SF

Great time saver - I used this just recently and was pleased with how well it worked. My own criticism is that the code can be a little bloated with repeated constructions that could be moved into locals. Locals would make it easier to read and make changes outside of this app.

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people