Developer: Phisys AG

Current Version: 2.0.1

Last Updated: 4 years ago

Download Size: 40 MB - Download


The Phi software enables you to easily and quickly create high value Intranet and Internet applications. Realize an entire web site including database connection in no time by means of a menu-driven editor (Artephis). You don't need any programming skills in PHP or ASP.

▪ Drag & Drop IDE Artephis
▪ Cross browser compatibility, including support for IE 6+, Firefox 2.0+, Opera 9.0+, Safari 3.0+, Chrome
▪ Independent of any browser plug-in
▪ Full integrated UTF8 support for all generated Web- and Phi pages
▪ Build-in Database support for all major DBMS, including support for MySQL, Postgres, DB2, SQL Server, ODBC, Oracle
▪ Easy Translations of all text elements (including codecs for Big5, EUC-JP, KOI8-R and many more)
▪ Extended GUI Elements like application menus, progress bar, date picker, tables, rollovers, etc.
▪ Graphical effects like Colorize, Drop shadow, Blur and Reflections
▪ Perspective transformation of elements (including all input items)
▪ Concept of a Master template page (one corporate page in the background)
▪ Build-in Session management
▪ Site config support for Corporate Design issues (colors, palette, database)
▪ Transparency support for all elements
▪ JavaScript support on both server and client side
▪ Native application menu in the application mode (requires the PhiPlugin)
▪ Different Data sources (static, translated, database, url, process)
▪ Special Phi variables available in text sources
▪ AJAX (Asyncronus JavaScript And XML) support in Phi- and HTML mode
▪ Uses jQuery as back-end
▪ New client scripting API
▪ Easy Drag&Drop implementation for elements


Release Notes:

• Complete new IDE
• Items are now implemented using a plug-in API
• Highly extended JavaScript and ServerScript API (including new animation, coloring and content access functions)
• New decorated table and check-list item with sortable columns
• Improved perspective transformations for all recent browsers
• The separation of layout and display items is removed: all items can now be part of layouts
• Layouts use better algorithms and are highly improved to organize items, borders with rounded corners can be added
• Create images using the Canvas API with ServerScript
• Upgraded jQuery and jQuery UI
• Improved formatting and globalization of date items

Note: the free edition is limited to 30 items!