ArtHandler - Artist's Record Book

Developer: Martin Walk

Current Version: 1.6.7

Last Updated: 9 months ago

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• Keep track of your artwork. Add metadata like artist, title, media, year, dimensions, duration (for time based pieces), location and price.

• Add as many images and PDFs as you like to each artwork. Preview them in ArtHandler and export them as needed.

• Easily find artworks via the search bar.

• ArtHandler automatically converts measurements from metric to imperial and vice versa.


• Add your personal notes to each artwork.

• Notes are a good place to add information about sales, references, crate sizes, press mentions, exhibition history, etc.


• ArtHandler creates captions from your artwork’s metadata.

• Copy captions with one click and paste them as needed to your emails, word processor, graphics editor or desktop publishing application.


• Share your artwork via email, Twitter, Facebook, …

• ArtHandler utilises macOS’s Share extensions. As soon as a new suitable Share extension is added to your system, it is available within ArtHandler.


• Print images.

• Print artworks (image & caption)*.

* Printing artworks is available on macOS El Capitan and newer.


• Export your ArtHandler database as CSV or JSON file.

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Release Notes:

ArtHandler 1.6.7 adds new sort options.

• Sorting: In addition to existing sort options, you can now sort your artworks by height, width, depth, duration, and currency & price.

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Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.3
Review by jodyfoster

Afordible way to organize art! - Love this app. I am not a collector, I am an artist. This is a great way to organize and catalog my work. Some of the fields are better suited to a collector but I just use them for other purposes. I love that the feilds are searchable and that images can be dragged and dropped. Well worth the 12.99. 2/17/15 They just added fields to handle price, location (what gallery the piece is at) and weather or not it is sold. Now this app does everything I need. THANK YOU.

Found helpful by 7 out of 8 people